“My wife and I were working with another company and not feeling very good about refinancing until I spoke with Courtney. we are so happy we chose to do business with Paramount and couldn’t be happier with the customer service provided by Mrs. Sandison. ” -spicer442 (3/25/2017)
” Alexandra was wonderful. She answered questions when I wasn’t clear and kept me informed. She worked with me on finding a program that would fit our needs and save us money.” -Kaylor44 ( 3/24/2017)
” Everything was explained where I was able to understand the whole process which was so much easier. I was able to contact Nathan by e-mail texting or calling him which was nice when I had questions about the refinancing.” -kaibab7 ( 3/24/2017)
“I would like to give my thanks to Jinnette for the outstanding customer support she provided during the refinancing of my loan. Like most people that are refinancing their home loan I was very skeptical of her at first especially after dealing with other loan providers. But she eventually earned my trust by displaying and showing integrity and truthfulness while going through the process. Basically everything she told me was correct and truthful just like she said. There were not any unexpected moments, changes or unexplained situations. So if you want to deal with someone who you can trust that have your best interest in mind, hey the answer is clear that she and her staff at Paramount Equity Mortgage are the one you should deal with.” (3/24/2017)
“Anthony was very responsive and worked extremely hard to get our tricky situation to work out. We were struggling financially and by being able to get this Refi done, we now will have breathing room to help get our family out of debt.”  -thurt315 (3/24/2017)

“Throughout the entire loan process Derek was a pleasure to work with. He was not only personable, but professional, knowledgeable and most importantly available. We were never left wondering about what was going on or where we stood. Derek answered all of our calls and replied to emails promptly. He was in touch with us through every step in the process, even after our loan file was turned over to the processing department.We bought our house in 2006, and have been stuck in an interest only adjustable mortgage. We have talked to numerous bankers, lenders and brokers over the last 7 years and each and every one of them told us the exact same thing. Sorry, there is nothing you can do. We spoke with our mortgage company every year when our rate and payment adjusted, and every year we were told sorry there is nothing you can do. The night Paramount Equity contacted us, my husband had spent two hours on the phone with our mortgage company being transferred from department to department with the same response and no help. Derek was knowledgeable about which loan products and programs were available and what we would qualify for. He mentioned multiple programs that no other company suggested! I am so happy to say that Derek helped us to combine our first and second mortgages, lock in at a low fixed rate AND lower our monthly payment. We can not say enough about Derek Friedrichsmeyer! So if you’re in the same position as us, need to refinance your current loan or are buying a house; call Derek.” – hwink78  (3/23/2017)
“I have worked with Jerold Jackson for refinancing my mortgage twice. The first time my credit score was not the best, but he found a way to lower my interest rate and monthly payment so that I was able to make my payments on time and start to rebuild my credit. When I decided to refinance again, I contacted Jerold directly via email because he had been so helpful and easy to work with before. This time, he was able to lower my interest rate and make it possible for me to get some cash out to pay some bills and do a kitchen remodel. It has been a pleasure to work with Mr. Jackson. He explained everything in terms that were easy to understand and kept me informed every step of the way. ” -dregal5 (2/9/2017)


“Recently Clayton DeMara of Paramount Equity Mortgage handled the refinancing of the mortgage on my Aurora CO home. This was the easiest mortgage I have ever been involved with. Mr DeMara asked all the right questions and facilitated the document processing via fax email or docusign. I would certainly recommend Paramount to anyone looking for a mortgage or refi. Kudos to Clayton and Paramount Mortgage. ” -user05801240 (2/8/2017)
“David was extremely professional and supportive! He took time to listen and understand our needs. He had a positive attitude and was a pleasure to work with. He actually answered my calls and emailed me to keep me up to date on all aspects of our refinance. I cannot say enough about him! The BEST I have ever worked with!” -huehappy1 (2/8/2017)
“In my experience dealing with home purchasing or refinancing, Jorge is one of a kind. I’ve never had such personal service, frequent communication, and going over and above what was required of him making things work and get our refinance closed. An additional benefit, we appreciated, is that he’s genuinely a nice sincere person. The support team he worked with were also excellent, keeping un informed every step of the process. I highly recommend Jorge.” -hendershott (2/7/2017)
“Kenneth Turner helped me refinance my home to a 15-year fixed rate mortgage and save hundred of thousands compared to the FHA loan I was having at the time. Knowledgeable and courteous, Kenny made the process easy and painless.I started working with him in mid December 2016 and was able to close deal in January 2017. I highly recommend Paramount Equity Mortgage and Kenneth Turner to anyone who is shopping for or considering a mortgage. ” -timluu13 (2/5/2017)
“Initially I was not even interested in refinancing. I only wanted to get rid of my pmi insurance from my fha loan. But Sean was so helpful and found a way to pay off my home in half the time for only $150 a month. That is a game changer! Any questions I had he was always available, and happy to help. We closed very very promptly. Would recommend him & his team to anyone. Very pleased!”- Natlie G. ( 2/2/2017)
“At the end of last year I got in contact with Donald Mazzola to refi my home. I have refied before in the passed but was always left with questions that were un answered . Donald was the first to explain every question I had and made sure that my understanding was clear. I consider myself to be conservative in the decisions I make especially when it comes to big decisions like should I refi or not and Donald made it easy for me to make my decision to refi. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a lender. ” -navarroyvette79 (1/29/2017)
“The above “title” are feelings that come to mind when I’m describing my business experience with Lindsey. It was kind of a “fluke” that I landed up with her to do business, but that “fluke” turned out to be a true blessing. From the very start, she was knowledgeable and professional yet “a whole lotta fun” at the same time. We had great rapport in my opinion. She explained several different loan options that I would qualify for and the benefits/draw backs of each option. Once I decided which direction to go, she walked me through the entire process from start to finish. She was always available to me via phone, text, or e-mail. She even kept in touch while she was on vacation taking her young son to Disney Land for his birthday (nice momma, huh). The timelines she gave me to complete the process where “right on the mark” and from start to closing only took approximately 6 weeks. If you’re looking for a mortgage specialist that truly has you needs as a top priority, get in touch with Lindsay, you won’t be sorry !!!!!!!!!!!!! ” -deedeeshortstack (1/29/2017)
“Brian Green, a Senior Mortgage Specialist at Paramount was exceptionally helpful and professional. Brian contacted me regularly through the application and loan process to ensure me that everything was moving forward. Brian and his team were very knowledgeable and extremely efficient.They were my Mortgage Dream Team! My FHA loan was processed in less than 30 days! I can’t think of one thing Brian could have done better.” -dudleymail (1/27/2017)
“My experience was very positive and I would recommend Paramount Equity to any of my friends and/or family. The team at Paramount kept me informed throughout the entire process. If I had any questions or concerns they were only a phone call away. Thank you for your help!!! “- daneroy2412 (1/27/2017)
“Jason Birt gave me the confidence from start to finish. He knows his business very well. I might mention that this is the first mortgage I ever purchased on my own and I had my doubts in myself, but never in the staff at Paramount Equity. Jason Birt and other staff members were always there to help me move forward.” -hesterprynne2001 (
“Jason went above and beyond in every capacity to ensure we would have a positive refinance experience. He followed up and made us feel like we were the most important client he had, knowing full well he deals with many clients on a daily basis. I would highly recommend (and have already) Jason as well as Paramount Equity to anyone wishing to get a new home or refinance. They are “Paramount” in their industry.” -mmexicotte (1/19/2017 )
“WIlson is truly dependable, trusted, and explained and informed the details of the process efficiently. He knew what he was talking about and was reliable. If you happen to be a Veteran and looking for a loan, we highly recommend his service. Thank you Wilson!” -odessner (1/15/2017 )
” This is our second, first with Briant, refinancing. We are here to tell you doing business with Briant was easy, efficient, and professional. We received numerous calls from other lenders as a result of an internet inquiry we made on refinancing. When we received the call from Briant, we knew he was the one. There was so much compassion and sincerity in his voice that we knew doing business with Briant and his company was our best and only choice. From the very beginning, he assured us we had nothing to worry about because he would be with us from start to finish, and he was. He responded quickly to texts, emails, and phone calls. If our paperwork was in another division of his company, he would follow-up with that division to get us the answers we were seeking. We closed on time and no out of pocket money. We will definitely recommend Briant to family and friends. ” -lunastella (1/13/2017)
“As first time home buyer’s we were full of questions, doubts, and fears. Austin exemplified proficient professionalism in such a calm reassuring manner. He took the time to answer and explain all of our questions. He was always a phone call away even after work hours. He helped make our dreams a reality and closed on our property in a record 2 weeks. We are his clients for life and we highly recommend him. ” -valiant7 (1/12/2017)
“He knows the details of all the steps in the refinance process–and kept us up-to-date on the status of our loan. Antonio is a PROBLEM SOLVER . . . he called us immediately when anything arose to slow or halt our loan process armed with solutions. Antonio is a TEAM PLAYER at Paramount Equity Mortgage. As the loan documents coursed their way through the process and into the hands of various associates, Antonio worked closely with his team members to coordinate and expedite the completion of our loan. ” -user25545469 (1/6/2017)
“He explained everything and actually took the time to see what was the best way to refinance because we plan to sell our home in the future so he took all of that into consideration! I would definitely recommend Brian to anyone interested in refinancing!” –  Christina H. (1/3/2017)
“Lindsey was awesome. She was with us from start to finish, even available when she was on vacation and even through my anxiety fearful it was all going fall through. She definitely knows her job. She made what we had been told was impossible become possible. It was a long process, but we definitely got an outcome that we are blessed to have. She was a true blessing.” – mdmjewell (12/30/2016)
“Our situation was a new one for us and we weren’t sure what solutions were even available. Anthony answered the phone and it was a perfect experience from that moment on. Every question answered and every need fulfilled better than we could have asked for. I am genuinely looking forward to the opportunity to work with him again and would refer my dearest friends and relatives to Anthony with a happy heart! We even received our closing check just days before Christmas! Truly a pleasure in every regard!” -Robin S. (12/29/2016 )
“The process was good and Lymar was very efficient and she got a good deal and was glad that an escrow account was going to be, he seemed knowledgeable and was responsive.” – Sheron Cohen (4/15/2015)
“This letter relates to the outstanding service provided by your agents regarding a refinance I have been trying to accomplish for the past 18 months. My initial conversation with Lymar Cole set the stage for me to secure the services of your company. Lymar Cole and Amanda Bonilla worked as a team to provide a very professional experience during my refinance. Any and all questions I had were answered on the spot, which provided me a level of comfort as we progressed. Communications were open and honest throughout the process. It was a pleasure to have worked with Lymar and Amanda. I received great service from great people. I will recommend your company to anyone in need of mortgage services.”
— Robert and Garah Monnich (4/10/2015)
“Jorge is the bomb, has been referring him to everyone. He is the best, and is going to even refer his son. He is super. Has dealt with financing in the past but this was good. Every time he called he could reach him. This is his 3rd experience. He is johnny-on-the-spot.”
— Bob DiPrimio (4/3/2015)
“Angel is really knowledgeable, really nice and upfront. She was really helpful and that was really good. She was the best one we worked with.”
— Lori Mobley (4/2/2015)
“Working with Chris Dennis was great! Chris was very good with communication and returned all of his calls. He was really great. Was able to accomplish what was needed with the loan. Already referred his son to Chris and his loan is due to close soon.”
— Christopher Dennis 3/18/2015)
“James was friendly to work with, answered all of his questions and everything was good. No problems, everything went really smooth.”
— Jose Gonzales (3/17/2015)
“James Cokinos had fantastic knowledge and answer all questions that Kim Alexander couldn’t. Kim was wonderful and was a trooper working with them. The team was wonderful. Went through this tough process with us and we were able to work miracles. He saved their bacon at the last minute and they are very thankful”
— Mr. and Mrs. Peel (3/10/2015)
“Working with Lauren Kunis was excellent, fantastic, above and beyond, supportive, truthful, and responsive.”
— Richard Obando (2/23/2015)
“Issa was so nice, couldn’t meet another person nicer, and was able to help even though the value came in lower. Took a liking to him.  Went above and beyond. They both would recommend Issa because they liked him so much.”
—Hammond Family (5/12/15)
“Working with Nick Sasse was excellent, he was wonderful, he made it an effortless experience with no stress, made every date and deadline, there were not struggles, he was quite knowledgeable about what he was doing and he provided good information to help her make her decisions. It was a pleasant and informative experience. Biggest value was his word, it was true. On a scale of 1 to 5, would rate him a 6.”
—Boayue Family (5/15/15)