“The process was good and Lymar was very efficient and she got a good deal and was glad that an escrow account was going to be, he seemed knowledgeable and was responsive.”
— Sheron Cohen (4/15/2015)
“This letter relates to the outstanding service provided by your agents regarding a refinance I have been trying to accomplish for the past 18 months. My initial conversation with Lymar Cole set the stage for me to secure the services of your company. Lymar Cole and Amanda Bonilla worked as a team to provide a very professional experience during my refinance. Any and all questions I had were answered on the spot, which provided me a level of comfort as we progressed. Communications were open and honest throughout the process. It was a pleasure to have worked with Lymar and Amanda. I received great service from great people. I will recommend your company to anyone in need of mortgage services.”
— Robert and Garah Monnich (4/10/2015)
“Jorge is the bomb, has been referring him to everyone. He is the best, and is going to even refer his son. He is super. Has dealt with financing in the past but this was good. Every time he called he could reach him. This is his 3rd experience. He is johnny-on-the-spot.”
— Bob DiPrimio (4/3/2015)
“Angel is really knowledgeable, really nice and upfront. She was really helpful and that was really good. She was the best one we worked with.”
— Lori Mobley (4/2/2015)
“Working with Chris Dennis was great! Chris was very good with communication and returned all of his calls. He was really great. Was able to accomplish what was needed with the loan. Already referred his son to Chris and his loan is due to close soon.”
— Christopher Dennis 3/18/2015)
“James was friendly to work with, answered all of his questions and everything was good. No problems, everything went really smooth.”
— Jose Gonzales (3/17/2015)
“James Cokinos had fantastic knowledge and answer all questions that Kim Alexander couldn’t. Kim was wonderful and was a trooper working with them. The team was wonderful. Went through this tough process with us and we were able to work miracles. He saved their bacon at the last minute and they are very thankful”
— Mr. and Mrs. Peel (3/10/2015)
“Working with Lauren Kunis was excellent, fantastic, above and beyond, supportive, truthful, and responsive.”
— Richard Obando (2/23/2015)
“Issa was so nice, couldn’t meet another person nicer, and was able to help even though the value came in lower. Took a liking to him.  Went above and beyond. They both would recommend Issa because they liked him so much.”
—Hammond Family (5/12/15)
“Working with Nick Sasse was excellent, he was wonderful, he made it an effortless experience with no stress, made every date and deadline, there were not struggles, he was quite knowledgeable about what he was doing and he provided good information to help her make her decisions. It was a pleasant and informative experience. Biggest value was his word, it was true. On a scale of 1 to 5, would rate him a 6.”
—Boayue Family (5/15/15)