“Me and Mark were working a refinance option on my home. Although we couldn’t get it done was a pleasure. He was very knowledgeable and I can tell done his very best to help me with it. He was very respectful and made me feel very comfortable in sharing my information with him. And so there for anyone that I know that need help I will definitely will to mark for help because I know he’s going to do everything he can to help.” -Robert (1/18/2018)
“We refinanced our loan and I sure was regretting it cause of the paper work and all the procedures. But Mike was awesome! He made things so simple and easy. He actually had our back, he put us first no matter what. He treated us like we were people and not just a number. So if any one is looking to refinance or get a loan please work with guy you want regret it. Call him FIRST!” -littlesmokestackgh (1/13/2018)
“I was extremely surprised and happy when I began to speak with Michael about a possible HARP refinance of our main residence and in passing conversation he said we could refinance our income property as well! Our current lien holder on that had stipulations that were extremely difficult to meet and Paramount not only offered the refi, but gave great terms and speedy closing! If I were able to buy another property today, Michael and I would be chatting!” -user0046759 (1/13/2018)
“Ian is an impeccable professional who enjoys his job. He, Janelle and Nora have made this process a trouble free adventure. We love them all and everything they’ve done for us. I highly recommend this team if anyone is looking to refinance.” -1TyeeDan (1/12/2018)
“Jacob made my loan a very easy and to point so I could understand it better. Best loan officer I have ever dealt with… Every time I called with question he was there to answer me and was very respectful. Thank you for making it easy for me!” -oscar7593 (1/12/2018)
“Jason Strickland is the best… I told Jason what I want and with his assistance it happened! Jason is very knowledgeable, caring, and he worked diligently to meet my wants and needs; I really do appreciate him. Thank you so much!” -ONeal (1/11/2018)
“Working with Amir was like getting ice cream at the beach and just having fun…this man ROCKs and knows his business with refinancing. I was nervous about working over the internet with someone but Amir made everything run like clock work and it was like a sweet walk along the beach front. Also working with is associate Angela was seamless, she is a little doll and both of them made this the most painless process I could have hoped for. 10, 20 1000 STARS FOR Amir and Angela I hope their bosses know what special people they have working for them. I will always work with Amir and Angela in the future thanks you two for everything.” -Bonnie (1/11/2018)
“He was very knowledgeable and professional. A caring person and was interested in my goals and helping me reach them. I will definitely recommend him and Paramount Mortgage to friends.” -Patty (1/10/2018)
“I was very impressed with the knowledge and experience that Cameron has. I have complete confidence in him. He let me know exactly what I would need and was there to help me when I had questions. Thank you Cameron for the care and outstanding customer service you have given us during our loan process. It’s so nice to work with a lender that is so trustworthy.” -Patti (1/9/2018)
“A Strong Recommendation – If YOU are looking/needing – an honest – very knowledgeable contact and work with an honest hardworking Mortgage Company – to Earn Your Business. Who can Refinance VA/FHA Home Loan or a New Home Mortgage Loan… I have dealt with other Mortgage Companies on VA Home Lending. YOU need to partner – Sr. Mortgage Specialist Neil McGowan with Paramount Equity Mortgage Company, you won’t regret it. I completely endorse this strong asset – you be glad you did it.” -Mark (1/9/2018)
“Keith was able to get my home refinanced with competitive rates and closing costs in a timely manner. Everyone assisting me at Paramount Mortgage was quick, helpful and very knowledgeable. Thank you Keith!” -Jeremiah (1/8/2018)
“He was extremely personable, knowledgeable and hands on. When he was away from the office, he would still make contact and put us at ease. My dad will be purchasing a house, in the near future, and will reach out to Anthony as well.” -mblack25 (1/8/2018)
“What I expected to be a fraught experience turned out to be an absolute pleasure working with Robert Gallups! Robert is extremely knowledgeable and was willing to explain every detail of my transaction. He was always readily available, easy to talk to and really listened to what I had to say. I have already referred him to a friend, and will not hesitate to recommend him to anyone! Thank you, Robert!” -Mary (1/7/2018)
“Brandon contacted me approximately 8 months prior to my actual time frame. I was impressed with his detailed explanation of the entire process of refinancing. So impressed that I saved his contact information. Eight months later when ready, I called him which confirmed his organization skills…he had me in his calendar to call me the very next day (name number and my entire file as outlined 8 months prior). In his profile on this site Brandon states that a refinance or mortgage can be very stressful…quite the opposite! This was easier than purchasing a car. With my refinance (partial cash out) my house payment increased $206. However, by using the cash out and paying off monthly debts he saved me over $1,000 per month…no more car payments, credit card payments, etc. I highly recommend you contact Brandon and just talk to him for 10 minutes. Yes, I have already recommended him to business Associates and they are pursuing the same path. This was such an easy decision and such an easy process I was amazed (I have done multiple home purchases and refinances). We are all busy…let him handle this for you. My rate was reduced from prior and lower than expected. Obviously I am taking the time to write a detailed recommendation in my hectic schedule so cannot thank him enough!” -Thomas (1/6/2018)
“I Highly recommend Dustin to anyone. He handled my loan very professional and informed me of all applicable information. Dustin will be my Mortgage Specialist for any future purchases I make.” -Kris (1/6/2018)
“I was so very comfortable working with James and his team. James took the time to explain things explicitly. If he was not available his team was right behind him answering questions. Very professional and efficient. I would highly recommend everyone to deal with Paramount Mortgage.” -abz3539 (1/5/2018)
“He always kept me in the loop of things as they happened. Kept me well informed as the loan processed closed the loan on time and with a rate that was comparable to other lenders. His dedication to servicing his clients is very refreshing.” -Russell (1/5/2018)
“My experience with Nathan Sanders and the team at Paramount Equity was extremely positive. I will recommend them to anyone I know that is looking for a group of professionals that make a complex and sometimes burdensome process seamless, informative, and very painless for the consumer. The efficiency and knowledge his team brings to the loan process is second to none. I highly recommend anyone seeking to refinance or purchasing a new home give Nathan and Paramount Equity a call!” -Jeff (1/2/2018)
“Very hands on and kept me up to date through out the process. Very friendly and low stress. Always made time for us at odd hours when we needed more information.” -user1094549 (1/2/2018)
“Chris McCormick truly was the best mortgage specialist I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He stayed on top of things and went to bat for me several times, and successfully and repeatedly improved the loan for me. He was also very patient with, and responsive to, my many questions and concerns, always responding with a full and pleasant explanation. As other reviewers have indicated, he also was easy to reach…he answered his phone, unlike some other mortgage officers I have dealt with. He is the ultimate mortgage professional. I encourage everyone to ask for Chris!” -pljenkins1 (12/31/2017)
“Keith was a great help. He worked with me after hours to make sure everything went smoothly. I recommend Keith for anyone looking to refinance or a new mortgage. Thanks again Keith for all your help!” -Chad (12/31/2017)
“Brian was always there to answer all my questions and soothe my nerves. I had to choose between Paramount and another company, I chose Paramount cause Brian’s communication was the key. We went through several scenarios to see which would best fit my situation and came up with an awesome game plan. Thank you Brian. I have already recommended my cousin to talk to you.” -Laurel (12/29/2017)
“Nathan, was very easy to work with and he keep us informed during the process. My wife and I appreciate his hard work and knowledge. I would recommend him to any of my friends and family.” -Eric (12/28/2017)
“Kristina is a very professional and friendly Mortgage adviser! She was honest and up front with all aspects of my refinance experience. I have never receive such efficient and accurate mortgage advice prior to my interactions with other mortgage specialist. Kristina made me feel like I was part of her family. Thumbs up to Kristina!” -ballsk8 (12/28/2017)
“Justin was so nice to work with. He made my refinance so easy & smooth & was really great keeping in touch & following through. Will definitely go back to him for any future needs.” -karicullip (12/27/2017)
“Neil was patient and responsive and worked magic with the numbers. Look forward to working with him again should the occasion arise. Will easily recommend him to friends and family without hesitation.” -browndogwinkle (12/27/2017)
“Eddie and his team are true professionals. Very accommodating and knowledgeable. We have refinanced through him twice and I highly recommend him. His team is courteous and conscientious.” -kelsenator2 (12/25/2017)
“Keith was an absolute stud when it came to my VA Refinance. I was working with another lender, but Paramount was able to pull in just a tad more; and every dollar counts in this process. Keith was pretty swift in keeping me posted with any updates, or if there were any additional documentation needed on my end, I was notified pretty promptly. There was a bit of a hiccup when it came to the VA Home Appraisal. I had paid Paramount to initiate the Appraisal, and some how my previous lender had ended up with the Appraisal in their hands, and this caused a bit of a delay. They had to transfer the appraisal over to Paramount, and it was a minimum 5 day waiting period for the VA Portal System to reflect the transfer. Even with the set back, Keith reassured me that they would do everything in their power to get the loan processed; closed; and funds dispersed in a timely matter. And that they did! The appraisal came in a bit lower than expected, but it was definitely something I personally expected and did my homework for before hand; so it isn’t something I would hold against them. Regardless, going with another lender wouldn’t have changed the appraisal value. Understand the process, do your homework (an honest non-bias study) of homes selling in your area, and everything will average out for your home value pretty well. All in all, Keith and the entire Paramount team that helped, were all phenomenal. Thanks again Keith!” -Sam (12/23/2017)
“Mr. Niel McGowan did very excellent job to help me any husband when we tried to refinanced our house. He was very patient with us, very accurate, understanding hard working, sincere and yet professional.” -euniceagyapong (12/22/2017)
“Wow!!! I have no words to express how she helped me. She is amazing loan officer an amazing lender and amazing person. Kristina is my savior and my friend and forever my loan officer. I will never go back to no one else. She was amazing with the process and she was on top of everything. May God bless her and everyone at Paramount Equity. Love the way they work. Just amazing. Thank you Kristina and all at Paramount.” -C meneses67 (12/21/2017)
“Wow! Where do I start? When I first spoke with Kristina, I doubted she would be able to help me because I had just spoken to someone from another well-known institution who said I should wait at least another year because I wouldn’t be eligible for anything until then because of a previous foreclosure. Kristina assured me that they had access to programs that others did not. She asked me what I wanted to do…what my expectations were (lower payments, quicker payoff, lower interest rate, etc). I gave her my information, but really didn’t expect to hear anything but “I’m sorry. We are unable to help you at this time…,” but that’s not what she said. She said “Congratulations! We can definitely help you!” I was waiting for the catch, but it didn’t come. She was completely transparent with every aspect of the program and made sure she kept me on track with everything I needed to do. I couldn’t believe it. I have worked with a couple of lenders before, but she made me feel as though I was working with a friend. She was very personable while maintaining her professionalism. She listened to my circumstances and found a way to make things work and was always respectful of my time (even though we are on two different coasts). Near the last part of the approval process, she was diligent in keeping me on task to ensure I submitted the correct paperwork without missing any deadlines. If anything changed, she made sure she thoroughly explained what it was and why it happened, then made sure I was comfortable with the change. She was willing to answer any question I had, no matter how weird or redundant (which is why everything was as expected…she told me what it would be!) I could go on and on about this extraordinary woman, but I have to go. I will say that I will definitely recommend her to anyone I know who is looking to refinance or buy a home and she will always be my first call should I decide to move, get a HELOC, or refinance again! You are certainly blessed to have her on your team!” -NoTime2Rest (12/20/2017)
“Joe did a great job of keeping me updated almost daily through text and voice calls. Definitely would recommend and already have to two different friends!” -Danael (12/20/2017)
“Charla was our Mortgage specialist on our recent new home buy, and she is absolutely awesome! Very professional, knowledgeable, and punctual with her follow up, and information updates. She stays in regular communication with you all though the financing process until closing. Charla is my go to Mortgage professional.” -user5385258 (12/19/2017)
“Pleasant to work with, accommodating and informative. He was very attentive and provided assistance in getting my loan approved in a timely manner.” -Joe (12/18/2017)
“Rick was great to work with. I was connected with him after inquiring about an advertisement on Facebook. He was patient answering all my questions and with enthusiasm during the refinance process. He kept me informed on the latest and was understanding when it took me time to find certain documents. I was having problems with my home scanner and to fax papers to him was going to cost over $2 a sheet. I was then sent a mailing label where I could take the forms in and have them mailed without cost to me. Towards the end of closing, I had multiple questions and had a hard time understanding a couple things. Besides just finishing up a night shift, I told him I was a visual learner. He then had me sign onto my computer so he could review with me a layout of how the payments would look which then made sense. Not only did he cut off 10 years off my loan, my interest rate was a near point reduced allowing more of my payment to go towards the principal. In all, he will have helped me save a near $100,000. That is a lot of vacation money that my daughter and I can utilize. When all was said and done, I think he was more excited about my loan being approved and complete than I was. I feel he went above and beyond to help the process. I was a first time home buyer just prior to this refinance and this was easier than I imagined. I highly recommend Rick for any advice and help with home loans. Thank you for everything!!” -bdafire (12/18/2017)
“Matthew was helpful and paid special attention to all details and questions asked off him. He was always available and put forth true time and energy into helping me.” -mbaltz53 (12/17/2017)
“Gloria was amazing, very helpful and very attentive to all my emails and phone calls. I like that she cared and knew what she was doing. Thank you Gloria once again.” -Iran (12/17/2017)
“Rick went the extra mile to make certain I was funded. He was helpful and always available. Took extra time to deal with matters so I didn’t have to.” -Carey (12/16/2017)
“Michael Salinas was an absolute joy to work with! He was always available to answer questions; explained everything thoroughly; and made it happen!! He has a great sense of humor which always makes money issues more pleasant!” -R. Mills (12/15/2017)
“Esteban was wonderful, knowledgeable and helpful. I wasn’t going to answer the phone but I’m glad I did. I would recommend to others. He listened which I value.” -ams1535 (12/15/2017)
“We all know that getting a home mortgage or going through a refinance is A LOT OF WORK, however working with Alexandra wasn’t work. She was very knowledgeable, loyal and honest. She was diligent to respond to my multiple questions and requests. Very happy with the process from start to finish, and that is why I have gone through the process with her on two separate occasions. Potentially refinancing again soon to get rid of my PMI. Alexandra keep up the amazing work. It was a privilege to work with you. Reach out to me in Mid June, early July 2018 to work on our next one!” -Audrey (12/14/2017)
“I am so grateful to Justin Truitt for taking my very difficult refinance situation (I had tried to refinance four times with different people only to be declined for several different reasons). Not only did Justin make the refinance easy, but it was also fun somehow. He was efficient, friendly, creative and most importantly, he got me a fantastic rate and it was done fast. I am forever grateful to Justin and would highly recommend him to anyone.” -Becky (12/14/2017)
“Derek took the time to explain the entire process from beginning to end. He made assurances to me regarding the process and the outcome and it all came to fruition! I will gladly recommend Derek and his associates to my family and friends.” -deandrive940 (12/13/2017)
“Dino was prompt & courteous. Answered all my questions quickly. I did a refi that went very smoothly. He was very knowledgeable and communicated all the information needed.” -holshousercherie (12/13/2017)
“Anthony is absolute perfection at his job. He will do anything in is power to make things happen. I highly recommend and will continue to use Anthony in the future.” -elizatugadi (12/12/2017)
“I was a little skeptical at first of conducting business on the scale of a home refinance using the internet. I had the good fortune of an astute screener that pasted me on to Amir and I am glad she did as Amir was very professional and answered all of my questions and concerns. His associate Angela was also quite through in the process portion of the loan and also receives an “A”! All in all I was more than satisfied with Paramount Equity team of Amir and Angela.” -brian8805 (12/12/2017)
“I have had a very positive experience with Tyler. He made sure that I understood every step in the process of refinancing. He was courteous, patient, and made me feel very comfortable at all times. I would recommend Tyler to anyone who wants to work with a professional, caring agent. Bravo Tyler! Thank you!” -jennepeters4 (12/11/2017)
“I was in a unique job situation and needed to refi due to rising rates. I was turned down from at least 6 other lenders. Whitnie made it her mission to get my loan approved. She never gave up, and she was able to do it, even when I was ready to give up! I give her and team my highest recommendation.” -smjain22 (12/8/2017)
“Anthony made our transaction seamless. He was clear and concise throughout the entire process. He was always available to provide guidance and continuously gave updates as they occurred.” -mikegutierrez29 (12/8/2017)
“I couldn’t be happier with the services Mitch and his team provided to help me to refinance my investment property. Mitch worked with me to get the best rate possible and was successful in getting the closing to run smoothly. I would highly recommend him to any of my friends, family or co-workers.” -Karen (12/7/2017)
“I would recommend Jeremy to anyone looking for help with a mortgage. He was very knowledgeable and patient with all the problems that I had with a recent refinance. He made me feel like I was his only client. I never felt rushed or unimportant.” -Tammy (12/7/2017)
“My experience with Tom was excellent from the first phone call on. He was very responsive, very encouraging that we could get this done, and we did!! I would recommend him to anyone, and will. He’s like a friend now!” -old dude53 (12/6/2017)
“I would like to take this opportunity to write this review regarding the outstanding service I enjoyed while working with Joseph B, Senior Loan Officer at Paramount Equity Mortgage, 6600 Peachtree Dunwoody Rd., 400 Embassy Row, Suite 400, Atlanta, GA location. I met Mr. B after he responded to my inquiry about refinancing and rates. He was the first to contact me and I received 15 responses from other lenders after he made the first contact.

I went on line to check Paramount’s reviews from other customers. My experience with Mr. B. was outstanding and I stayed with Paramount Equity Mortgage because of his performance and communications which were at the highest level. He left nothing to chance and I was informed of every step in the process.

What impressed me was his knowledge, honesty and the business was transacted in a most pleasant, patient and professional manner. While, this was my 17th house and having fairly a good understanding of real estate requirements, I really don’t know how I could have made it without him clear communications.

At closing, we discovered that the closing paperwork was incorrect and Mr. Burke again jumped into action. I can’t say enough about his professionalism, true caring nature, honesty, and extensive knowledge. He brought all these qualities to the table for the clients.

The closing attorney Janet was also a true gem providing excellent and personalized service as well. We finally close at 9:00 pm on November 7th. It turns out that Mr. Burke has a solid knowledge of home mortgages. He was a huge help in getting the financing numbers corrected.

Finally, I will not hesitate to recommend him. I give him my highest recommendation for anyone desiring to finance or refinance. While I have bought and sold a number of houses the past 30 years, I have never before encountered such a level of excellence. All of these tasks, whether business-related or interpersonal, were accomplished with a noticeable degree of competence, humility, integrity, and grace. These things were very important to me and the last of them could have been a deal breaker.

Mr. B. has by far, been the best Mortgage Broker that I have ever worked with and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for one.”
-emcmark (12/5/2017)

“Going through loan processing with Jeremy R., it felt like having a solid, responsive, and knowledgeable copilot on various tasks that we needed to take care of. During the loan approval process my particular situation incurred a few surprise circumstances, but whenever a new wrinkle arose, Jeremy and team hit it head-on. As one example, when HOA insurance documentation was required (which I presumed this would slow things down significantly), he followed up quickly on the contact information I provided, and the matter was resolved readily. I was very pleased with Jeremy and team’s professionalism and rapport.” -ebgcdev (12/4/2017)
“I got referred to Ian from a friend who worked with him. My friend said Ian did a amazing job! I couldn’t agree more. I would highly recommend him to anyone I know.” -wodekkyle (12/4/2017)
“I know Jeanette had some challenges meeting my needs. I had some big payoffs and wanted to refi and keep my payments the same and a lower interest rate. She got it done! Plus nothing out of pocket. I actually got some cash in my pocket. What more could you ask for. Thank you so much Jeanette and your closing department. You did a great job. I couldn’t have asked for more. Merry Christmas or happy holidays to all. Thank you again!!!!!” -sc5006 (12/2/2017)
“Working with Dan made this whole process go a lot smoother. Any questions I had he was able to answer and if he didn’t know he found out very quickly. Was amazing about letting me know where we were in the process and returned phone calls immediately!! I would recommend him to everyone and can’t thank him enough for everything he did!!” -Tammara (12/1/2017)
“My experience working with Mitch was excellent and superb!! He helped me get through the re-refinance of my home mortgage loan diligently and promptly for a lowest possible rate. The entire procedure was done online so it minimized a lot of additional hassle and expedited the application. He is always available, and help me with step by step instructions… He is professional, responsive and efficient. I am highly recommend him to assist you with any loan that he can provide. Last but not least, he is the best that I ever worked with in the past.” -user1232337 (12/1/2017)
“We are extremely pleased we switched to Paramount Equity. Everyone was extremely helpful and informative. They were very prompt with the whole process and answers all questions.” -denisethompson0315 (11/30/2017)
“Jaz is a real asset to her company. She made sure I was informed and aware of all my options. She helped me understand the process and stayed connected with me in a timely matter.” -klemenslinda (11/30/2017)
“Jinnette was an absolute pleasure to deal with and went above and beyond helping us with refinancing our existing loan. We are thrilled with the way everything turned out. She really fought for us.” -Adrienne257 (11/29/2017)
“This is my second refinance process with Lauren, she is extremely helpful and knowledgeable. It was a pleasure working with her and would definitely recommend her.” -Alex (11/29/2017)
“This is not my first time working with Mr. Marcus Jones. Let me just say this, I couldn’t have found a better choice to conduct business with. Very dedicated to his clients!! As a matter of fact, Mr. Jones went way out of his way to educate us, by giving us all the tools we needed to fully understand the entire process. Which in return aided us in our decision making, achieving our intended goals. Thank You Marcus !!!! Look forward to absolutely working with you again.” -mikeowayne57 (11/28/2017)
“Jeremy was very informed who had constant contact with me. Very professional and helpful. Will deal with Jeremy again. He made the process easy. Will definitely refer him to friends and family. Can’t thank him enough for his help in our needs. Thanks Jeremy.” -dannyleemusic (11/28/2017)
“Cody helped me tremendously throughout the entire process. Whenever I had a question or an email, he responded within minutes. Everything was done efficiently and on time.” -chris62143 (11/27/2017)
“Jeremy was extremely helpful with our refinance and line of equity! He went out of his way to make sure that we were able to complete our loan process. I would recommend Jeremy to anyone!!” -tica64 (11/27/2017)
“Dino’s skill, professionalism and manner were so appreciated. He returned calls and questions promptly with patience and good nature. He was right on the money so to speak with all costs and revenue. The kind of guy you would have over for dinner with your family!” -Coppimd (11/22/2017)
“I was very happy with Paramount Equity. They always made me feel comfortable. With my refinancing of my home, Harry always called me back, kept me well informed through the entire process, was very polite and down to earth. I would recommend them to anyone. Thanks.” -Scalessandy407 (11/21/2017)
“My wife had a phone conversation with Joe about refinancing our house and paying off her student loan and our other house. Joe said he could help us. Joe stayed in contact with us through the whole thing. Joe always returned our phone calls, answered our questions. Joe did an awesome job for us. Thank you Joe.” -jrinas (11/20/2017)
“My experience working with Mitch was excellent! He helped me get through the refinance process on a VA loan and saved me a significant amount of money because of my disability. The entire procedure was done online so it minimized a lot of additional hassle and expedited the application. I highly recommend his services.” -thedemark (11/20/2017)
“Dominique was so helpful in a very stressful situation. She made refinancing our home so much easier. Dominique is very knowledgeable, kind and caring. Thank You Dominique!!” -kayjaynelson3 (11/18/2017)
“My dealing were fairly quick and easy. Charles took an interest in what I was doing and helped me in any that he could. My refinance was accomplished quickly and without the hassle that I had gotten from other companies I talked to.” -fincherdb (11/18/2017)
“I was in the market to refinance my house but was unsure where to start and I stumbled across Kenny and his team, that was the best thing that could have happened. They were great to work with, and he made himself available at all times with any questions I had. Very knowledgeable about all aspects of the entire process. I will be recommending him and his team also will be working with them in the future. Thanks for everything Kenny!” -user3475419 (11/17/2017)
“Marcel was a pleasure to work with! I’ve been through several refinance activities and initial mortgages and by far this was the most pleasurable and least painful experience. Marcel kept me informed every step of the way and kept the process moving forward. He explained everything in great detail so there were definitely no surprises as we went through the process. Between Marcel and his staff, my loan went from application to closing in less than a month’s time. He was extremely easy to work with and I’ll be back in the future and I plan to recommend any friend that I’m of who’s looking for an initial mortgage or refinance to Marcel. Thanks a bunch for all of your help and professionalism! Addendum: I had another chance to work with Marcel in October 2017 and the experience was just as rewarding. Once again, he was super professional and it was a joy to work with him.” -ronbrown61 (11/17/2017)
“I have refinanced a few times over the past 15 years, but Mitch made this time the best experience ever. He is very professional and beat three other competitor offers.!” -user05327392 (11/16/2017)
“Tiffany Mough was able to help me with a cash-out refinance that changed my financial life! She really went to bat for me to find something that worked with my situation and she didn’t give up. She is compassionate and determined. I really enjoyed the experience with her.!” -user05327392 (11/16/2017)
“Anthony was very friendly, supportive and answered all our questions. It was a smooth process and we definitely will recommend him to our family and friends!” -tinaru916 (11/16/2017)
“Thank you Ray for helping us with our VA refinance. The assistance was really appreciated. We appreciate the way you worked with us.” -rogergreywolf (11/15/2017)
“Jason was very helpful. Always in the know, doesn’t leave matters undone. Thanks a lot for you help. Happy Holidays to Jason! I would highly recommend him.” -nutty x2 (11/15/2017)
“Working with Jeannette was a wish granted from Heaven, really, I had tried refinancing earlier but seemed nothing could be done at this time but then I received a call from Paramount and they put me through to Jeannette , oh my was I nervous and apprehensive at first, just thought this was another call with the answer I had received before, anyway I let her talk, told her what I wanted and how no one could help me before but that didn’t scare her one bit, she was very personable and easy to understand , well sort of, I was nervous and wouldn’t agree to a credit check that same day, wanted my husband to be included in the conversation we just had, she had no problem with that what so ever so she called back the following day and we were on speaker, once she introduced herself to my husband and started talking he was hooked, line and sinker! He said that lady knows her stuff and said how friendly, professional she was, so we said lets go with it and she was right on it. This lady is a go getter, she was on top of our refinance from day one and had us approved and finalized in less than a month. We are due to close tomorrow, the 15th, thanks to her putting 100% of herself serving us, her clients. If you are in the need of a lender please contact Paramount and as specifically for JEANNETTE SERLIN, she will work for you I promise.” -bettyshows46 (11/14/2017)

"Nathan is wonderful to work with! Nathan was very professional and helpful during our mortgage refinancing! I would highly recommend Nathan and Paramount Equity Mortgage, LLC." -ladkins1622 (11/14/2017)
"Dan was great to work with. He was able to answer any and all our questions. He very assessable, we we're always able to get to get in touch with him, even after normal business hours. And he was very quick, He was always on top of all paper work. He was very friendly and a pleasure to work with. You can't go wrong working with Dan." -Scott (11/10/2017)
"Working with Jason and his team of the friendly and knowledgeable group of professionals made the process easy and as stress-free as possible while applying for my loan. They walked us through of any situation that arose. I would recommend Jason to family and friends." -marta3k (11/10/2017)
"Marcel was professional, and knowledgeable of the procedures to get our loan quickly approved and funded. we would highly recommend the refinancing experience and speed with which one could, if qualified, refinance." -NMAKAR1960 (11/9/2017)
"Harry is one of the best business people I have ever dealt with. He was always available for my calls or would rapidly return my call. He was very prompt about calling to let us know what was happening with our refinance and was helpful with any questions that we had. He was always polite and I was confident with what he told me. We live half way across the USA from him but felt like he was in our home often. I highly recommend Harry Webster." -cadd3761 (11/8/2017)
"Enjoyed working with Paul. He was very professional and helpful. He made the process very easy and everything was done on time just as he said. Would definitely recommend to others." -Carrie (11/8/2017)
"Eleni was extremely helpful, courteous and always pleasant to deal with. She always responded when she said she would, via e-mail or phone calls. She took me through the process quickly and efficiently. She definitely was the best of all the various team members I dealt with." -zuser20160829180117743 (11/7/2017)
"Ryan & his team did a phenomenal job closing our loan! Not only did he help us purchase our home when we were told it wasn't possible but he did it in record timing...just 15 days!! Ryan was always available to answer questions when I called & if he wasn't he called me back very quickly....usually within the hour! He was knowledgeable, professional & friendly! Ryan's assistant, Desiree, was also just as helpful as him. You could tell they work well together & communicate well. One thing that really impressed me with the whole process is that since I live almost two hours away from Ryan's office he had a courier come & pick up our signed loan docs & deliver them to him so that we could fund our loan the same day. This was at no extra charge or hassle. It just happened to be my birthday weekend...can you say BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!?! I'd also like to mention that not only did Ryan & his team offer outstanding customer service but they also had very competitive rates & loan programs. My family is so grateful for their dedication & persistance during our loan process! I will definitely recommend Ryan to friends & family or anyone else looking for a great consultant!" -Tamec (11/6/2017)
"Marques went above and beyond to get me the perfect loan and was able to get me money back after closing. Two thumbs up. Excellent communication." -Amanda (11/6/2017)
"I wasn't sure about refinancing my home until the day Jeannette contacted me. She was very personable and didnt try to push any decisions. When it came time to start the loan process she worked very hard and fast while determined to get me the rate I wanted. Jeannette was there every step of the way, a client couldn't ask for a better person to work with." -mudslinger021485 (11/3/2017)
"Jason demonstrated an exceptional knowledge of the mortgage environment and was able to craft a loan that fulfilled all of my requirements. He was available throughout the process to answer my questions and followed through to the close. He is knowledgeable, competent and an ethical lending professional. He was a pleasure to work with." -user83420673 (11/3/2017)
"Jason did a great job!! It was a tough loan but he made it happen. He stayed strong as we wanted to give up. Jason stayed very positive, when I was going crazy.. He wasn't a 8-5 person. You can contact him anytime and even on the weekends. Thanks to Jason it happened!!" -Kathy (11/2/2017)
"Nathan and his team provided me with the easiest and most hassle free re-fi I have ever had. Right from the beginning to the day I received the funding. He called and or e-mailed me almost every day to let me know the status of my loan. The paperwork was all completed effortlessly via email and DocuSign (except for the notary of course). I was very pleased with the speed and efficiency that the entire process took. The loan closed /funded on the day Nathan estimated. The entire process only took 4 weeks from the time I applied until the day I received funds. I would say this is one professional, courteous, efficient and caring team. Thanks Nathan and thanks to your team for making this all come together. I will definitely recommend you to all my friends and family." -bbqbob90744 (11/2/2017)
"Our refinance was a difficult one but Gloria was always on top of things to make sure are loan would close on time. She always had an answer for me, she always answered the phone or called right back." -engyeager(11/1/2017)
"Robert was great to deal with. He went above and beyond on a daily basis to ensure that my loan got completed and approved. Robert was very thorough in determining what was going to be best for me and my family going forward. Robert, through his hard work and dedication, has given my family and I a chance to live a better life." -user6762610 (10/31/2017)
"Melvin was very friendly and very efficient in getting my home refinanced. Many lenders had contacted me, but were not able to help me refinance. Melvin got me approved and has saved me over $100 per month on my payments! I am very happy with the service I received from Melvin. I would recommend him to anyone wanting a mortgage! Thank you, Melvin! Your package will be on its way this week!"-fullofjoy21 (10/31/2017)
"Mitch has been phenomenal with the refinance. He made it a smooth and headache free process, which I can’t say about other folks. He is definitely an expert in his field and stayed professional throughout the entire process. If you’re seeking someone who will get the job done go with Mitch at Paramount." -user7804040 (10/30/2017)
"Jason is exactly the type professional my husband and I were looking for, he is prompt, knowledgeable, helpful, but most importantly, honest. Moving forward we will seek him for all of our refi needs and recommend him to friends and family. Thank you Jason." -radlady317 (10/30/2017)
"Honestly - I rarely write reviews but financial stuff and dealing with lenders can be such a headache. I had a great experience with Aaron. He answered all of my hundreds of questions, always got back to me promptly and made refinancing and actually enjoyable experience. He followed up when rates and conditions changed as we had discussed and I look forward to potentially refinancing again and getting an even better deal." -user8224777 (10/28/2017)
"Chris was awesome. He kept me informed throughout the entire process. To get pre-qualified and set up the entire loan I was able to use my computer and use sig which was a huge time saver. It was very easy and streamlined. Chris set easy to follow expectations up front and delivered on everything he committed to. Thanks Chris! I will definitely go back and refer Chris for any Mortgage needs." -crestvedt (10/27/2017)
"Brittany was so great, she made the whole process easy; not hard. I would highly recommend her to everyone in need of a very special professional person to deal with for this transaction." -Ann (10/26/2017)
"My husband and I recently refinanced our mortgage with Paramount Mortgage. We live in the Midwest and worked with James Cokinos and also with Lisa. We are very satisfied with the communication and assistance we received from Lisa who always answered our questions and would always call us back in a timely manner. I would recommend Paramount to anyone looking to refinance. We were treated with courtesy always and really appreciate how they helped us. Thank you Lisa for being so helpful and professional always and for James for taking the time to get the loan initiated for us and seeing it through." -peters97 (10/26/2017)
"Jason was excellent to work with. He kept us informed every step of the way and explained things in easy to understand language. He worked hard to give us some concessions and we're thankful for that. Overall, a very satisfying experience!" -rjain03 (10/25/2017)
"Caytee was great to work with. She was very thorough and really made the process go as smoothly as possible. She gave us options and was always there to help - even when there were problems." -Sue183 (10/25/2017)
"Adam answered every question we asked. He responded very promptly to our phone calls. He took the worry of having to go through the process off of us." -redhagatha (10/24/2017)
"Kristina was awesome and very knowledgeable. We work out of town alot and it was challenging to get the paperwork in. Kristina kept me on track. She was very patient and great to work with!! Thank you Kristina!!" -davidpittser1 (10/24/2017)
"From the minute Jeannette answered the phone I knew this was going to be a smooth transaction. Her personality, her professional knowledge surpasses any mortgage company I have ever worked with. Any questions were answered right away. She always stayed in contact with me. Even after we signed she called to thank me. I said oh no I am the one THANKING. YOU! I feel like I really have a new friend even though we live hundreds of miles apart! This is our 2nd mortgage with Paramount I would never go any where else. Rates are lower the people are by far the best in the business. If you can request a mortgage specialist it should be JEANNETTE with Paramount. Thank you so much Jeannette!" -Karen M (10/23/2017)
"Tony has done several refinances for us. Each time he has shown his expertise and professionalism. I’ve considered him like my brother because of his caring. It’s not the sale he looks for but the absolute best options for you. He’s an all-around great guy that has your best interest at heart. He comes highly recommended and I will use him again at my first opportunity."-zuser20170715093721173 (10/23/2017)
"Jason was very patient and helpful in the arduous task of providing the seeming less endless list of documentation required by the underwriters. Always cheerful and prompt to respond to my pleas for help, Jason was able to get me a 10-year refinance of an existing home mortgage, at a very low interest rate. If and when I need another mortgage, I will not hesitate to call Jason." -gca psp (10/22/2017)
"Jason was very helpful and quite knowledgeable. We would highly recommend him as a lender. He makes refinancing so easy and not stressful what so ever. Thank You Jason." -nutty x2 (10/21/2017)
"Everyone was great to work with. I would recommend them to anyone. Everything was done electronically. Any questions or concerns were answered quickly. Great customer service. Loan processed exactly as explained and on time." -rubygem391 (10/20/2017)
"Thank you Nathan Sanders or being fast and friendly and getting re finance done in a timely manner.made this one of the easiest re finances we've ever and had a couple of them." -adamscarmen164 (10/20/2017)
"Jason is very knowledgeable and compassionate. He made us feel like we were his number one priority. He kept us informed at all times. We are so happy with Paramount Equity Mortgage." -shawerika156 (10/19/2017)
"Jason was very professional and made me feel confident that my information was safe with him and with Paramount. He was very patient with all my questions and explained the processes well. He's very knowledgeable and amiable as well." -Ruth (10/19/2017)
"Jason was willing go far and beyond to make sure his clients get the best service as possible. He did exactly what he told you he would do and if you are looking for a great agent, he is your man. I would be the first person to recommend Jason." -lovecrutch (10/18/2017)
"I have bought and re-financed several homes over the past thirty years, but I have never had an easier and smoother experience than my recent refi with Erica. As a retiree with low income, I had been refused several times for a poor debt to income ratio. Erica creatively figured out a way to correct the ratio so I could qualify. She also walked me through all the steps and made the process extremely simple. I will be recommending Erica to anyone who is thinking of buying or refinancing. And especially to those who have been refused by the lazy brokers..." -burkeoconnor (10/17/2017)
"Anthony was great! Answered every question my wife and I had with buying our first home. He worked with our busy schedule and was always readily available to answer any questions we had. He also made the whole process as easy and painless as possible. The whole process moved fast with very short contingency period! Would highly recommend!" -Mario (10/17/2017)
"I was very skeptical of doing a refinance on my home with someone who I had never met and who lives 3,000 miles away from me. After speaking with Ryan about the options available to me (yes, he actually gave me options on my refi before I had chosen him as my loan officer!), I immediately felt comfortable and confident in his abilities. This process was easy, and I am very satisfied with the results. I have paid off several bills, lowered my monthly payments, and reduced my loan by 5 years. I cannot say enough positive things about this experience and specifically work with Ryan Gwiazdon. I would recommend him to anyone without hesitation." -dvitasek (10/16/2017)
"Erica Leonard was sent to us via the Paramount Family and she truly was our guardian angel through our refinance process. We had tried to refinance for several years without any success but Erica was able to help us with several refi options. She was hands-on, always there when we had questions and walked us through every detail of the paperwork. She simplified the process for us (which can be frightful at times), and we were able to close in 30 days. She's tops in my book of lenders!!" -huddlebug (10/15/2017)
"Went through a couple lenders. After a lengthy time couldn't complete refi because self-employed and my tax return is too complex. A phone call from Joe. I told him my situation. He insists he can help. I was skeptic but try anyways. After a few weeks Joe and his team did it. He pulled the right string, my refi went through got funded. Many thanks Joe. You're the man!" -jefftran200 (10/14/2017)
"I owned several homes so mortgage loan is not new to me. While I have excellent credit, I am self employed, which makes getting a loan or to refi a bit of a challenge. But the most challenging aspect of the loan process is finding someone who actually knows what they're talking about, knows what they're doing, and not to screw you over, esp on the terms of the loan or the fees that weren't disclose upfront. Joe is an excellent person to work with. He consistently follow up with us sending in info and docs. He is extremely responsive, always there when you have a question. And before we started working with Joe, we were halfway thru with another lender. But since the other lender kept dragging and dragging, costing us additional $$$ for the rate we locked in, we decided to give Joe a try. Joe provided TOP NOTCH customer service and just him constantly calling us and reminding us, making sure we send info or docs needed shows his dedication and sense of urgency. And all done with total professionalism. Super impressed!!" -user0986928 (10/13/2017)
"Jinnette, Dustin, and Laurie were awesome. My husband had decided to sign up on lending tree for refinance options which had every lender possible contacting us about a refinance. It had been three days of rude phone calls one after the other until..... Jinnette called. She had a kind voice and it was easy to speak with her regarding our options. Even after our appraisal fell short of expectations, Jinnette worked with her manager Dustin to provide a new path forward while still meeting our goals. Laurie was very detailed in explaining the paperwork necessary to get our loan processed and was very punctual with updates. I look forward to working with this team again on our future mortgage needs. Awesome experience! P.S. One thing I loved was how Jinnette always answered the phone saying "Hi Jasmine", even if she saw me calling while on another call she would click over to let me know she would call me right back. This level of service is unparalleled to any other lender we have encountered. Keep up the great work!" -mrscaldwell1 (10/13/2017)
"Matthew has been a delight to work with during both refinance procedures. He exudes both a professional and friendly demeanor which gives you confidence and a piece of mind that he's there to take care of you with your best in mind. I highly recommend him for any of your mortgage needs." -sjeremy40 (10/11/2017)
"Michael was very professional and help me with my problem took the time and explain what type of programs that would work for me that would help me out. Michael was very pleasant to talk to and I would call him again if needed he is very awesome thank you Michael for all your help." -jncerrillo1949 (10/11/2017)
"Working with Maryanna provided us with peace of mind. She was professional and honest in all that we communicated. She was very insightful and answered every question that we had. I highly recommend her to help with any future loans!" -lmcote78 (10/10/2017)
"James Cokinos and his team were all very professional in their line of work, which made my first time home buying experience smooth, effortless, and stress free. They were so prompt to address my concerns regarding my loan application and any updates pertaining to it. Everyone in James’s team worked so hard to close my loan on time, which I appreciate so much. I look forward to doing more business with you in the future!" -zuser20170621111320688 (10/10/2017)
"I had the pleasure of working with James and his team for my most recent refinance. Everything was extremely efficient, cordial and professional. Highly recommended!"-preadly (10/9/2017)
"I am a Realtor here in the Central Valley California, Erica contacted me for a refinance on my own home. After discussing options and explaining how she could help save me some money every month I agreed. She came through in everything she promised a great rate, very short time, minimal paper work and always stayed in touch. Best experience in a Mortgage EVER and I always tell my clients to contact her. I'm sure will call her again when buying my retirement home." -zuser20140519090833185 (10/9/2017)
"Jaz was amazing! She was professional, supportive and accessible with questions and assistance at all times. She was very easy to talk to, explained things as so I would understand fully what was going on. She helped me save my fathers home from a reverse mortgage, since my stroke I have had difficulty understanding a few things and Jaz was there from start to finish! Thank you Jaz!!!" -tracyknight7770 (10/8/2017)
"Erica was extremely good. She was always available and always helpful. I highly recommend her and Paramount. She knew her business and guided us to the best decisions for our situation." -arizrev (10/8/2017)
"I have worked with Erica on a couple of different occasions. One new loan and a refinance. She made the process as easy as possible and walked me through every step of the way. She told me exactly what I needed to do to increase my credit score and she answered all of my questions throughout the process. She was always available and treated me with kindness and respect. Erica is very professional and helpful. I will use her in the future for sure!" -Jayme (10/7/2017)
"Ray, my family and I want to thank you so much for your help with our situation. Your knowledge and professionalism are unmatched. You were organized, thorough, compassionate, and resourceful which made all the difference in my interactions with you. In addition, you took your time in explaining in detail the best options for my family. It was an absolute pleasure meeting and working with you." -gpoggioli (10/7/2017)
"Nathan Sanders and his team was a pleasure to work with. He was very professional and followed up on everything. His promptness and accuracy with everything in reference to our mortgage was very impressive." -Lori (10/6/2017)
"Jason did an awesome job. He drove hard to finalize a difficult loan. I would highly recommend him! Jason wasn't in the area and still worked hard to make it happen." -debbiebaum8 (10/6/2017)
"Mr. Ivy performed in a timely, very personal manner and I would recommend him, and Paramount Equity wholeheartedly for any and all real estate needs. Not only did they see that I received the best opportunity for my financial situation, but that it was all done within approximately six weeks! I can't thank them enough for all that they did to see that I received the very best service possible." -frankie6347 (10/5/2017)
"I've been through several mortgage and refinance applications through the years and have always come to expect the hassle. However, working with Howard and Jacquelynn have now left me with higher expectations. Through their constant communication and guidance the only two words I can use are "fast" and "simple". By far the best experience I've encountered in the mortgage arena and I will recommend Paramount to everyone and anyone." -guez72 pr (10/5/2017)
"Kristina was 100% all the time. She worked really well with my schedule, which was important because I can’t always be available. When I had questions she was quick. She coached me all the way, just the way procrastinator like myself needed. So just know you’ll be in good hands." -rickysaenz26 (10/4/2017)
"I have, in the past, gone through the R.E. purchase and Trust Deed refinance procedure, many times over the years. Ms. Brittney Ritter was very patient, friendly and considerate with my, often repeated questions. This was a smooth, trouble-free process, made better by Brittney's flexibility with the loan changes. If, as a prospective purchase/refinance customer, you are looking for a top-of the- line loan officer, then ask for Ms. Brittney Ritter to be assigned as your loan officer." -trryrgr2 (10/2/2017)
"If you are looking for a lender that is going to work hard for you then Ryan is the lender you want to go with. Ryan and his team were ALWAYS available to help me with any questions and/or issues that came up. The best part is that Ryan was able to close our loan in under three weeks!!!" -Amy (10/1/2017)
"I was initially in the process of refinancing with another company (my current mortgage company at that time) when Paramount contacted me and I was put in touch with Dan. Dan was amazing from start to finish - he took the time to discuss my needs and goals in depth and then presented me with several options so I could select the one that best fit my needs. He was extremely helpful and responsive throughout the entire process and explained each step thoroughly so I knew what to expect. We closed quickly and on time and I couldn't be happier. This was the easiest refinance I have experienced to date. Dan's exceptional (and uncommon) customer service and genuine care for his customers is what sets him apart from others I've worked with in the past, and is what convinced me to go with Paramount over the other company. Very highly recommend!" -Niki (9/30/2017)
"Marcel was really great to deal with. He was more than willing to do what it took to get our refi completed. He is very knowledgeable and explained our options, twice! I was slightly preoccupied the first time. He was willing to set up our signing in my husbands favorite gold chair! This was important to me. He also made sure that I stayed on top of what I needed to provide. He made us feel like his number one priority. He saved us two months mortgage! Would recommend his and his team in a heartbeat." -c2faces (9/29/2017)
"Robert handled our loan from its origination to closing. He was able to find was to maximize my savings and was able to offer me some options that other lenders simply do not. My monthly savings plus the low costs of the loan made the decision to refinance with Robert an easy decision. Robert was always easy to get in contact with as Paramount does not necessarily operate on an 9-5 schedule. At first I was a bit skeptical about making such a large decision remotely (I am located in Texas) but Robert clearly communicated each portion of the process and was able to send me all electronic documentations to sign. I was impressed that we were able to complete the entire process in around 30 days. I highly recommend Robert and will continue to utilize and recommend his services in the future." -walker33 (9/29/2017)
"I can't say enough great things about Ryan and his team ... they rocked, HARD! He helped me pick the best loan for me, stayed with me through the crazy summer of ups and downs with contracts, was incredibly responsive to my questions and we closed in 18 days (WHAAAA)! They worked hard to get me the keys as early as possible so I could move in by the weekend. I had a unique contract regarding closing costs and he took care of it so I didn't have to worry. From his transaction coordinator Desiree to the online documentation software, this could not have been a more pleasurable experience. That's key because a new home should be nothing but HAPPINESS! And it has been! My house is HEAVEN! I strongly recommend Ryan and his team." -stephvt (9/28/2017)
"Tony is one of the most important people in my life! Refinanced once, bought a home once... I wish I could buy more just to be with Tony and Paramount!" -zuser20170413213010942 (9/28/2017)
"Dustin was awesome! Made the refi quick, simple, easy and straight up. I highly recommend him and Paramount Equity Mortgage for any and all housing needs." -gmyers45taz (9/27/2017)
"I will highly recommend Paramount Equity Mortgage. Whitnie was great to deal with. She really went out of her way to get the loan pushed through. Thank you Whitnie Marie Tiner! I really do appreciate all you did, thank you and god bless you!" -user1204153 (9/27/2017)
"Lender was very professional and walked us through every form and signing with great patience and thorough explanations of what we were signing. We were very apprehensive of going into a transaction for our home, but every step was explained and helped us understand the benefit to our situation. We fielded many many phone calls from several companies and Paramount and especially Dan Vadnais, was the only one to offer us the financing that would work for our home and situation. Despite doing everything via email and phone calls, we felt very comfortable with the support we received from Dan and his team. Thank you." -zuser20150728115746149 (9/26/2017)
"Our experience with Paramount and especially Marcus was awesome! We had a few hiccups along the way (nothing on their end) and everything was handled in a very timely manner and with the utmost of professionalism. I would not hesitate to recommend Marcus and his team. And would not hesitate to use them again." -Tani (9/26/2017)
"Kael did a fantastic job for us! Quick, easy, and professional. I would recommend anyone to have him help refinance or set a first time mortgage. He was great!" -tnhistorian (9/25/2017)
"Adrian was helping me to refinance our home to a much lower percentage rate, and also shortening from 17 to 15 years for pay off. Any time I had questions or needed clarification on something he was always quick to call, e-mail, or text me with an answer. If he was not absolutely sure he found the info and called quickly with the answer. When sometimes the process slowed or seemed to come to a halt, a quick message to Adrian was all it took to get the ball rolling again. I would recommend Adrian to anyone looking to buy, refinance, or any other mortgage work you need done." -stewartj57 (9/21/2017)
"Ernest delivered constant professional service through out the whole loan process. Made numerous follow up calls to keep me updated. He is very friendly and easy to talk to. An all round good guy." -lakebumsharla (9/20/2017)
"Working with Jacob on this loan was really a pleasure for us. He was very professional, efficient and patient in explaining everything to us, giving us clear and specific details of all our options. He was quick to respond to all of our questions, phone calls and emails. He helped in obtaining much of the information and documents required. We will certainly recommend him at any opportunity we may have. We are quite satisfied with how this loan was processed and in such a timely manner. Thank you." -jcpelham (9/19/2017)
"Chava was great from day one. I had so many phone calls for the refi but ended each call quickly because I did not feel comfortable with the person contacting me. As soon as we engaged in conversation, I felt that if I were going to go through with this, I would choose him to do business with. Chava is an excellent communicator. He always responded to all of my many questions. He made sure the process was as painless as possible. The best part is that everything happened just as I was told that it would and we closed on time! Thanks Chava!"-Teri (9/19/2017)
"I did the Lending Tree option. Initially I was working with a big name lender but realized right away all of their fees go to recoup their massive add budget. Patrick with Paramount was amazing. Everything he said would happen did. Everything he promised me happened. I would highly recommend this company." -chadatwood7 (9/18/2017)
"I can't express enough how kind and considerate Nathan was to make my refinance a pleasure to do. His knowledge and professionalism in handling every detail made me feel safe and secure that I picked the right mortgage company to handle the refinance of my mortgage. Thanks again Nathan! Sincerely, Peggy of Prescott!" -Peggy (9/18/2017)
"I would refer Ian to everyone. He was very helpful every step of the process. I learned a lot from Ian. Very professional and when I did not understand he took time until I understood, that was more than any one could ask. Thanks Ian" -Debbie (9/16/2017)
"Matthew was very friendly and courteous. He was always available to answer any questions I had. I would definitely recommend him to anyone regarding their loan." -TaiN7 (9/16/2017)
"Marcel provides a great customer service experience, he's very informative and will be with you every step of the way through the lending process. My wife and I both agree that Marcel will be the first person we call if we decide to move in the future." -rod4u48 (9/15/2017)
"I appreciated Matt's professionalism and integrity. He returned my calls (even on the weekend) and answered my questions on a timely basis. But most importantly, I got the loan I wanted!" -picciolidiane (9/15/2017)
"Jesse worked with my husband and I to refinance our home. Our loan was funded within 3 1/2 weeks of starting the process. Great service! I would recommend him to friends and family." -cnohair (9/14/2017)
"I worked with Tiar as her mortgage processor and I can say she is all about client satisfaction. She is knowledgeable, diligent and very personable. Having worked with many loan officers for years I can honestly say she will do all that she can to ensure your purchase or refinance is quick and stress free. Tiar was always prompt and available for her customers whenever they had a question or concern. I know this because as her processor she checked in with me daily for updates and progress of her customers files. I'd recommend contacting Tiar for any of your mortgage needs. She will be honest, clear and make you feel like you're working with family." -user143929 (9/14/2017)
"Jacob did a fantastic job of locking in the most beneficial mortgage for my family. We were very pleased with his integrity and professionalism throughout the process. In the future we intend on continuing to do business with Jacob and Paramount." -zuser20160110180347159 (9/13/2017)
"I went with Cody after he significantly bested a previous refi offer from another broker. He is very sagacious in all things related to real estate finance; but more importantly he is very service oriented. I never had to wait very long to get an answer to any of my questions. I had a good feeling about him very soon after our first conversation and my impression was that he was a straight shooter and very ethical. I am happy to offer Cody Benjamin Cagle my strongest recommendation." -kowaleski64 (9/13/2017)
"Maryam is awesome, knowledgeable, professional and I can't say enough good about her. She was amazing. She handled my refinance of my home and got it done in less than 30 days. She helped me get everything in, walked me through the process, explained everything and found the right program or refinance option that worked for my needs where 5 others had failed. She was totally knowledgeable and a delight to work with. Truly I felt as if she cared about my circumstances and was there to help me and get it done. I would choose no other loan officer and will recommend everyone to her. She rocks! 5 stars all the way!" -Debbie (9/12/2017)
"I had a great experience with Anthony, from beginning to end! He is reachable at ALL times, happy to answer all questions (I had A LOT!), and explain everything in detail. Great service ALL around. I highly recommend Anthony!" -kllc anderson (9/12/2017)
"Talking with Anthony is always a pleasure. Always gives great customer service. This is our 2nd refi with Anthony and both refi's from beginning to end were smooth and simple. My husband and I are very happy customer with Paramount & Anthony" -ronnieineg (9/11/2017)
"Rick Omelvin is extremely professional, knowledgeable, very friendly and pleasant to work with. He was always on top of everything. I'm very happy about with his work, in the future, I will definitely recommend him to all my friends and family. He did such a great job!" -kc k3 (9/11/2017)
"Jinnette was wonderful to work with. She made the experience of "refi" so easy. The best thing about Jinnette was that she was there for us from the beginning to the end. If I called and she didn't answer, she always called me back; and in a timely manner." -jmbryant52 (9/10/2017)
"My husband & I were looking to refinance to lower our interest rate & met Cody Cagle from Paramount Equity Mortgage. He was absolutely wonderful to work with from the beginning. He thoroughly answered every question we had & made sure we felt at ease going forward. This was our 1st refinance on our home & I would absolutely recommend Cody & Paramount Equity Mortgage to anybody who would like to feel at ease & have a great experience with the refinance process." -grateful day2 (9/7/2017)
"Esteban was patient, kind, very understanding of what was needed for my refinance to go through. He did not give up, kept on with my loan even though at times I had almost given up. First rate all the way!!!" -user94787783 (9/7/2017)
"This was the 2nd time that we have used Paramount Mortgage to refinance the mortgage on our home. James Cokinos and his team were professional, thorough and efficient. If you need any type of mortgage service, this is the team to use." -katfish4 (9/6/2017)
"It was a pleasure working with Briant Howard during my refinancing. With me having a high debt to income ratio, Briant figured out a way for me to refinance 2 mortgages at the same time, get cash out for renovations and payoff my high interest credit cards, student loans and cars. He offered various scenarios until I agreed upon the one that was best for me. Briant is knowledgeable, efficient and personable, and I highly recommend him! Thank you again, Briant!!!" -shejay7 (9/6/2017)
"He is a very attentive, responsive & honest person. He gave me the estimate that was accurate, he explained the procedures & the documents I needed in our first day. He tried to make the process as smooth as he could." -siasareh (9/5/2017)
"I decided to re-finance my home in late June primarily to pay off a HELOC held by another lender. I needed some advice and chose to work with Paramount Equity because I'd had a good experience with them as my primary mortgage lender. I was assigned to Jeannette Serlin as my Mortgage Specialist, and from our first contact I felt I was in good hands and that she was definitely someone I could work well with. During the following weeks all sorts of issues arose, mostly small and manageable, but whenever I felt anxious, Jeannette's was the steady, reassuring voice I needed. It is unusual to have had such a 100% positive experience with someone whom I've never met, someone who has been friendly but professional each step of the way. Jeannette is a true asset to her company. She represents them well and is always so positive and supportive that I looked forward to every interaction we had. Thank you, Jeannette. I am a Paramount Equity client for life!" -gypsyjm (9/5/2017)
"My experience with Tommy Tang clearly reflected his profile. He is everything he says he is, except he forgot one thing, which I will put in his words, " I like to under promise and over deliver." ;) Before Mr. Tang, I saw too many options, choices, restrictions, regulations and the aspect of doing business without a human connection. I decided to postpone my decision and it was only happenstance that I took his call. And, as they say, "the rest is history." In the end, I can say, everything went well and my refinance with cash out was comfortably tailored to my needs. Beyond the quality of his work and what Paramount equity could offer (both exceeded expectations), doing business with " Tommy" was unique. He possesses a certain "Je ne sais quoi." No regrets on taking that call!" -M maloy64 (9/2/2017)
"Patrick worked diligently to close my loan with Paramount when I didn't have a cookie cutter financial situation. A lot of loan officers/lenders didn't want to deal with the extra work to get my paperwork through underwriting, but he went above and beyond and got approval ahead of time so there was no surprises. I appreciate his hard work in helping my fiancé and I purchase our dream home! I will use Patrick and Paramount Equity for any future loan needs and highly recommend him and his mortgage company to anyone." -Laura3837 (9/1/2017)
"I was a little hesitant at first to apply for a re-finance over the internet and phone but after speaking with Christopher several times I became quite comfortable during the process. He took the time to explain every step to me and answer all my questions (and there were a lot of them!). I was most impressed by his response time to me. Whenever I called or emailed, he answered or responded almost immediately. Most of the time he actually answered the phone! That was a surprise, pleasant one, as with other lenders I had to leave messages and it was days before they returned my calls, if ever. I would highly recommend Chris and Paramount Mortgage. It was a pleasure to work with him!" -mjlonie (9/1/2017)
"Chava was amazing throughout the entire process. Despite me calling at odd hours nervous that things wouldn't work out, he kept his cool, calmed me down and walked me through the whole process. His team was quick to process all of my documentation and he never made any promises he couldn't keep." -Eugene (8/31/2017)
"Kristina was extremely helpful in this refinancing being completed. She was very knowledgeable, helpful, always responded with precise answers to any question that I had and in a quicker than timely manner. She is the type of person that if I had a company I would love to have her on my team. she is a valuable asset to her Company." -psg4u (8/31/2017)
"Courtney was very professional and made my life a lot easier I think her very much and the staff that help make my loan happen it's truly a blessing to know there's good people out there that can help if you need their help she change my life forever and I can't think her enough it was definitely a blessing for me and my family I can actually live again and live a normal life without the stress of not knowing what to do and thanks to and also want to thank the staff for making my loan happen for me thank you very much she is awesome." -user4123406 (8/30/2017)
"Bryan was a pleasure to work with. He responded quickly and politely to all my questions throughout the lending process. I will be pleased to recommend him to my friends." -2debra oz22 (8/30/2017)
"I was very happy with the customer service provided by Elmer; from the very beginning he explained everything to me in a way that it was easy to understand and made me feel very confident. He shared his screen with me and show me how the process works, that was pretty cool. During the process - less than a month from initial call, Elmer and Monica made every effort to keep me informed and clear on what was going on. They were very professional, knowledgeable and respectful. I do highly recommend Elmer and the company he represents." -sameron1999 (8/29/2017)
"Ross is wonderful to work with and he has no problem going the extra to assist his clients. I'm glad he was who I worked with. We spoke multiple times on the phone making sure we had everything we needed to make this refinance work." -Buffbarbie (8/29/2017)
"My refinance was fast and worry free. There was none of the last minute need for this document or a copy of that statement. Cody was up front and no surprises. EXTREMELY SATISFIED CLIENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!" -rlambaz (8/28/2017)
"Honest, helpful, special Courtney Sandison must work 20+ hours a day. A wonderful experience which turned a stranger into a dear friend. Your character requirements are aggravating!" -Jim (8/26/2017)
"I was very appreciative of Cynthia's knowledge of the many, MANY different steps that are involved with refinancing. She was quick and timely with bringing all of the other parties involved together in an orderly fashion, and worked easily with our personal timeline. Cynthia was quite patient with us as far as technical issues (read that as computer issues!). We had a few repeat emails and texting conversations pertaining to esignatures and Cynthia taught us how to navigate through the glitches painlessly! All in all, Cynthia made this refinance the smoothest we have ever experienced. Thank you, Cynthia!" -bwmorrow04 (8/26/2017)
"I can honestly say, with out a doubt in my mind, that Cynthia Jean Acherman is the best Paramount has to offer! We all know that buying or refinancing a home is a very nerve-racking experience, but with Cythina we felt at ease at every turn. She explained the process and the time frame. She helped us with any concerns we had, answered any questions immediately and gave us updates every step of the way. Cynthia put in 150 percent of her time and energy into our loan and we will forever be grateful. Cynthia proved to us she cares about us and understood the importance of this refinancing to us. We have dealt with many financial companies over the years, and Cynthia is the best by far. We will recommend Cynthia to all our family and friends. To all that read this review, you can not lose if you pick Cynthia Jean Acherman as your Sr. Mortgage Specialist. Call her now!" -Tina (8/25/2017)
"Refi with Matthew was very smooth and easy. He was very professional, was very clear about what paperwork was needed for a quick process and made sure we understood each step." -hatazie (8/25/2017)
"I mentioned to a co-worker that I was thinking about doing a refinance and she recommended I call Derek. He had just helped her with one. Best decision I ever made! I Can not express how fantastic Derek was from the first phone call to the end of the process. Each and every step of the way he was on it. Excellent communication, explained step by step in detail what to expect. Even on his "Time Off" he was willing to answer questions and help out. Very professional, very knowledgeable, very thorough. I would HIGHLY recommend him." -ChrisMann209 (8/24/2017)
"Anthony was a pro from beginning to end. Outstanding customer service. Responsive, patient (!) and informative. Translated mortgage speak into language for mere mortals!" -Hewitt (8/23/2017)
"Cody Cagle was excellent in the refinance of my mortgage and made the entire process so simple and easy from start to finish. I've bought homes and refinanced in the past and never have I experienced such a non-stressful and easy transition. Cody is very efficient at what he does, returns phone calls immediately and addressed every question I had. He made my refinance the easiest one by far. His professionalism and knowledge of the business made me feel confident in him, plus he was super nice! I would highly recommend Cody Cagle for any of your mortgage needs!" -tifftemple (8/22/2017)
"He clearly articulated the whole process and how it would benefit me compared to my current situation. He is knowledgeable about the process. He has a reassuring demeanor, which is very helpful for what appears to be a difficult process." -zuser20140606120439043 (8/22/2017)
"Robert Gallups facilitated my refinancing with confidence and efficiency. He was always reliable and trustworthy. He tended to each and every detail in a professional and personable manner. He led me through a complex transaction with ease. He was the best mortgage specialist I have ever worked with!" -tiffandcarl2000 (8/20/2017)
"I recently completed a refinance, and thanks to Tyrone Pierce, Senior Mortgage Specialist of Paramount Equity, it was an excellent experience from start to finish. Not only is Tyrone extremely knowledgeable, he is also a great human being who genuinely cares about his clients. I enjoyed working with Tyrone who is easy to talk to; he has a great personality and a fantastic sense of humor. He was accessible every step of the way to answer my man questions and to clarify anything I didn't understand. I often consulted Tyrone, and he was always pleasant, patient, understanding, and one hundred percent helpful; he spent a great deal of time assisting me. He communicates very well and clearly so that I was able to understand the many steps of a refinance. I never felt "rushed" whenever I spoke with him; he went out of his way helping me and making certain that my refinance was successful. I am so pleased that I chose Tyrone to complete my refinance. Other lenders that I spoke with did not compare to Tyrone, and I couldn't have made a better choice. If you are considering a refinance or applying for a mortgage, contact Tyrone at Paramount Equity. You will be in good hands because he's the best in the business." -dmarchionne13 (8/19/2017)
"Chava was great! He kept in contact daily, and kept me in the loop every step of the way! He contacted me via phone, email, and text! If Chava didn't know the answer to something he found the answer out very promptly!" -tiffandcarl2000 (8/19/2017)
"After being bombarded with calls from multiple lenders vying for business I began to refuse to answer my phone. Jinnette's team left such a profession impression in their message I returned her call. This proved to be one of the best financial decision I've made. She and her team were very knowledgeable and patient. They lead my wife and me through the process with an unbelievable level of confidence. I have already recommended my friend to Paramount Equity Mortgage and more specifically Jinnette. I truly recommend anyone looking for a solid professional to make the home mortgage purchase or refinance process pleasant.. Don't hesitate calling Jinnette Landeros." -pctanalyst (8/18/2017)
"We are so thankful that Andrew made the process of our mortgage refinance very easy and delightful... He walked us through every step of the way. He always had a good answer to our questions. We would highly recommend him!!!" -Lizzie (8/18/2017)
"Anthony is one of the best I've worked with. Very quick and responsive! The whole process was smooth and stress free! He was always availed for questions, Thank you!" -Lizzie (8/17/2017)
"I just want to give a shout out to James and his team, Angelica and Lisa, for their excellent service. I had an extremely complex loan that took quite awhile to fund, but James and his team hung in there with me and made it happen!" -user30439579 (8/17/2017)
"Mr. Nathan and his associates were professional and explained everything about the process (even when I asked the same question!) He made sure I understood the process, what they needed from me and what I could expect from them. They worked with me to get things set up and completed the way we discussed. I have already and would recommend working with Nathan and Paramount." -ramaes (8/16/2017)
"Nathan is so much different from other mortgage specialist I dealt before. He is very patient, knowledgeable in all aspects of the loan process, always calls and give me updates! I don't need to call him for the status of my loan because he will be the one to call to give the status. He is very professional on what he does and has a word of honor. Thank you Nathan!" -Evygene (8/16/2017)
"Alexandra was professional from day one. We had a very difficult situation with a previous home modification with our lender, as well as some personal issues, but that did not detour her. She worked her magic and was able to get us refinanced with a great interest rate. She kept in constant contact and was always there to answer questions along the way! We talked to several companies before finding Paramount, and nobody else wanted to take the time to look past our current situation. Alexandra and the entire team at Paramount are outstanding and I would highly recommend giving them a call! A+ Service!! Thank you!" -daymonandkristi2002 (8/15/2017)
"Mitch was wonderful to work with. He made the process easy and everything moved very quickly. We had our loan in about 2 weeks, appraisal and all. Mitch answered all our questions in a timely manner and returned all phone calls and emails, usually within minutes. Paramount Equity has a very efficient team of people who work together to move the process along without delay. I would recommend Mitch and his team to anyone in need of financing." -Dave (8/15/2017)
"My experience was great something was done that I didn't think could be done with all my debt I appreciate all the help he gave me all his knowledge and all his hard work to get this completed in a timely fashion I would recommend Jacob Paramount to handle anybody's refinancing and would surely let other people know the experience I had." -ejschnell (8/14/2017)
"The reason I went with Paramount Equity was because of a specific Sales Person, and the deal he was able to get for me. I could relate to Chris from the beginning and he did not disappoint me throughout the entire process. He is very straight forward and does what he says; very good with customer relations!" -millerlabs22 (8/13/2017)
"My refinance was completed on August 11, 2017. The entire process took less than a month start to finish. I have worked/personally dealt with the mortgage industry and have never seen the likes of Ms. Whitnie Tiner, the Best. She is her Word, a rare find in today’s world. After speaking with 6 Mortgage Loan Officers/Financial Institution I reached Whitnie, explained my situation and intent. It was so refreshing to speak with a Loan Officer of her caliber. Most Loan Officers can crunch numbers but few Think, Strategize, Execute (as Planned) and Deliver. After a two minute conversation I remember telling Whitnie, you are the Loan Officer I was searching for .. I realized I had “Hit the Jackpot”. It was such a pleasure working with a bright, enthusiastic, professional who truly cares about her Customers. Paramount is fortunate to have Ms. Whitnie Tiner, on their team. And Kudos to Paramount for recognizing a person of such integrity, intelligence, a true Thinker with a stellar work ethic. A Win-Win. The entire Refinance Process was smooth sailing start to finish under 30 days. Thank you Whitnie!!" -Judy (8/12/2017)
"Very nice working with Zac who explained things very well and kept in touch from beginning to end letting me know where we were at in the process & next moves to completion." -LLDDone (8/11/2017)
"Jaz is the perfect mortgage specialist! She was trust worthy, courteous and professional helping me select the perfect mortgage for my specific needs. I will definitely contact her again if I require any further mortgage assistance." -Scott (8/11/2017)
"Ray was the best in the mortgage business, he went beyond his ability to assist me in my refinance. I referred a friend who was just widowed and assisted her all the way until closing escrow. He did majority of all the run around and made contact with VA and state with his clients interest. My kudos to Ray for his unwavering help and support for all our refinance needs. Aim High Sir! Chief" -oramelb (8/10/2017)
"Ravi was professional and effective throughout the Cash Out Refinance Experience. Ravi and his support staff, Jeremy, responded to my questions via phone and email in a timely manner. This was truly an awesome experience. As many of us consumers know, all lenders are not the same. This happens to be one of the better lenders. Quite impressive and highly recommended by me and my wife." -orkeem (8/10/2017)
"Charles helped me refinance an adjustable rate home equity line of credit into an affordable fixed rate mortgage. He worked overtime to find a rate and mortgage that would fit my financial situation. Charles was always available to answer questions and truly gave me peace of mind throughout this extensive process. From day one, I knew Charles was the best person to help me." -lbijackie5 (8/8/2017)
"Nathan was a pleasure to work with and displayed great communication skills during the process. He was very thorough in explaining the advantages of the mortgage refinance. Nathan was very accessible and always responded promptly to any questions. Once again, great job Nathan!" -ynkohl (8/7/2017)
"Well taken Care of by Nathan Sanders who kept up constant communication and shared vital information to complete the various requirements throughout the process."-ldjohnson34 (8/7/2017)
"Tony made EVERYTHING about refinancing easy. I had multiple calls from other lenders suggesting to refinance my home. They all felt like they just wanted to get a sale. Tony was different. He took the time to make me feel comfortable and explain all the honest details of the process. I have an extremely busy work and personal life. Tony made it a point to work around my schedule. He got things done, including times when he really didn't need to. I did not get lost in the "shuffle". I didn't have to follow-up with him on the status of my loan. He always kept me posted on what was going on BEFORE I needed to make a call to him. I appreciated that! Tony made sure everything was complete to my expectations all the way to the end. That included signing my closing documents in the middle of a work retreat in another state! Tony's work ethic has made me a lifetime client. I plan to purchase another home. No doubt, I will call Tony. If you're reading this review because you're deciding who to trust with your loan, reach out to Tony." -samasuda (8/6/2017)
"We were able to use some of our equity to pay medical debt that was unexpected and it took a nursing off our family. Justin Helped is make the process very easy." -knapekfamily (8/5/2017)
"From the moment Mr. Edward Taylor from Paramount Equity Mortgage, called me I was nervous about refinancing my mortgage based on previous experiences, because I am aware that depending on the circumstances that refinancing a mortgages can be a very complex process, but from the very beginning Mr. Edward was honest and, informative, and he allowed me to ask many questions, and he explained the answers so I could understand.. Additionally, Mr. Taylor had a very optimistic attitude from the very beginning, after several conversations his attitude became infectious. Suddenly, I was convinced that this mortgage process is going to success. I began to trust him, and felt excited about my future goals. I also had the pleasure of working w/ Mr. Keith Raulinalits; he too was very informative together they make a dynamic duo. Together they kept the ball rolling and the process was completed in the time frame promised. There were absolutely no surprises at settlement, an excellent job! Much Thanks" -zelinda (8/4/2017)
"Marcus was very helpful in every way, he was a pleasure to work with in any and all aspects of the refi. He would return any calls and or emails within a timely matter sometimes faster than I expected." -josephjean2000 (8/3/2017)
"Kenneth Turner is a professional that pays attention to detail and turns over every stone to ensure you have the best interest rate. He provided us with the most upmost honest and reliable information to make sure we understood every part of the loan process and whether the deal made sense financially.

Mr. Turner is knowledgeable, hardworking, responsive and dedicated to his job. I feel he has the ability to see as well as understand thing from our perspectives and was in tuned to how we felt as customers. He’s an excellent communicator and knows how to raise and discuss common issues in a non-threatening manner.

His promptness and responsiveness made the process completed within the time frame promised. My husband and I had an exceptional experience with Mr. Turner and would highly recommend his services to others.

His promptness and responsiveness made the process completed within the time frame promised. The Raymond's had an exceptional experience with Mr. Turner and would highly recommend his services to others.

-Lnraymnd" (8/3/2017)

"Larry and his team did an outstanding job with my Refi. I would highly recommend anyone who is looking to Refi to give them an opportunity. He was upfront with everything and answered all my questions quickly and precisely." - wjustin (8/2/2017)
"She was great to work with it! We came back to work with her again because she knows what's she's doing, very dependable, truthful and always there to help. Every time we called she was there to answer our questions and if she wasn't, she'd call us back promptly. Highly recommend her as an agent and the great company she works for. Thank you so much Jaz!" -wmelson92 (8/2/2017)
"Jacob from the west coast, I reside in the east coast. Despite the time difference and my desire to have things completed yesterday, Jake always attended to my concerns, questions timely... taking the time to review all aspects repeatedly!!! Very knowledgeable and truly concerned for the welfare of his clients!!!!" -zuser20170302153813938 (8/1/2017)
"His customer service was outstanding. Responded to all my questions quickly. Made refinance process very easy. Thanks Matt for everything. Your the best." -magmo8 (8/1/2017)
"Nikki met with my husband and I in June to discuss our wants and needs to refinance. We closed on a new loan that exceeded our expectations by the end of July! We had tried with another consultant for over ten months to accomplish what she did in less than 60 days. Nikki was prompt and insightful in her responses. She worked hard for us and always kept us aware of events as they occurred. We were even able to sign final documents in our own home at our preferred time! It was just too easy!! Thank you, Nikki! You will always be our go-to girl for all of our mortgage lender needs." -dgpineschi (7/31/2017)
"Heath was always pleasant, professional and helpful in every way. My computer skills are not very good. He very patiently helped me thru all the paperwork and forms." -jduffyaz (7/31/2017)
"It was great working with Ryan and his team! I not only got great customer service but a better interest rate! They were on top of everything and very efficient. In regards to my loan everything went smoothly!" -Amber (7/30/2017)
"Quinton was very professional and knowledgeable. He was readily available whenever I had any questions with my refi process. It was a real pleasure working with him. I am a realtor and will definitely recommend him and Paramount for my client's residential financing needs." -Rachel (7/29/2017)
"I loved working with Sean from day 1! He made me feel completely at ease with his friendliness and knowledge of the process. Easiest home refinance I ever done! I have given his information to friends also. All the staff I worked with at Paramount Equity were extremely friendly and easy to work with. A genuinely stellar group!" -Donna (7/28/2017)
"Ryan made our experience painless. He was extremely knowledgeable and was in constant contact with my wife and I throughout the whole process... which went extremely smoothly and was completed within three weeks. I would definitely recommend Ryan and Desiree to anyone that needed a lender." -chrisoconnor16 (7/28/2017)
"From the very first phone call this guy Ray promised me that he would get me this loan. He delivered as promised. This guy Ray stuck with me and always stayed positive. I had my doubts, but NEVER doubt RAY!!!!" -gatorsoundman (7/27/2017)
"Ryan and his staff truly went above and beyond to help us obtain our dream home. I doubt anyone else would have worked as hard as they did. If you need financing, call Ryan and his staff they will get it done. He a pleasure to work with. Will work tirely until he gets it done for you." -Janice (7/27/2017)
"Nathan was extremely helpful and very professional in handling our home refinance. He was always available for my calls or returned my calls or texts immediately. He was very knowledgeable and able to answer all our questions. I truly appreciated his helpfulness." -user38185123 (7/26/2017)
"Jordan helped facilitate my refinance when there were issues with my 2nd mortgage, which delayed the process. Once that was resolved, the refinance procedure and closing was very professional." -moore mark2 (7/26/2017)
"At the point that Jordan contacted me, I had decided I wasn't likely to get a refinance for less interest than my first loan. Jordan worked with me and was able to get the refinance for a better rate. He was very professional, helpful and friendly. He walked me through the steps making it easy for me to not getting frustrated with the tasks on hand. I would recommend him to friends and family that may need assistance with a lender in the future. I would also be comfortable contacting him again myself if I need a future loan or refinance." -jdvanepps (7/25/2017)
"Jinnette and her team made the process so easy. Just one call and within a few weeks we had close on our refinance with a lower interest rate, lower payment and cash in hand. If you want a team that will help you with all your lending needs, call Jinnette." -cindy3324 (7/24/2017)
"I recently did a refinance on my home in Old Town, Cottonwood, AZ and Jeanette Serlin was my primary contact for the loan application. The entire loan process with Paramount Mortgage was so seamless and simple compared to other Real Estate Loan applications that I have experienced. During the entire transaction, Jeanette was my primary contact and was always available to me by phone, email, or text messages. Even if the loan process was at a stage where another person was involved with the activity, I could still contact Jeanette with any questions. I only wish that I had known about Paramount Mortgage when I bought the house in Cottonwood. I highly recommend that you contact Jeanette Serlin for any loan application whether an original loan for purchase or for a refinance effort. She is the best!" -zuser20140406131502961 (7/22/2017)
"From the beginning Tyrone has been a great help for myself & husband. He has been with us all the way, no questions to silly, if he could not answer he will check first. Tell us step by step in the processing of the loan, when we will be receiving information that needs to be signed and what to include with that form. All and all Ronald & I thank Tyrone for all his help." -cunninghamm0630 (7/21/2017)
"Brian was very helpful in my refinance. He was very courteous and knew what he was doing. He worked and made my refinance happen faster than I thought it would be done." -andysgg (7/21/2017)
"We recently refinanced our mortgage with Paramount. Amir helped us all along the way towards closing. He was courteous and answered all our questions. We were very happy with the service we received." -ryan (7/20/2017)
"Great Agent! very quick to responding to all my questions. very knowledgeable . very trusting person. I will use Amir for every one of my purchases!" -asholiay (7/20/2017)
"A real professional man, Matthew Cochrane. Matt did a great job and kept us informed every step of the process. This refinance went so smoothly we could hardly believe it ourselves. I called he answered or called me back in a timely manner. I asked questions and he did not hesitate to answer not one. Service was prompt and the funding of loan was as promised. Matt is an exceptional lender and I highly recommend him to anyone looking to refinance." -khoward112 (7/19/2017)
"Mitch & his team ARE fantastic! They are friendly & professional. My refi was completed in less time than I would have expected. Mitch kept me informed every step of the way. I would recommend him & team to anyone looking to refinance or buy a home." -keiff51970 (7/19/2017)
"Ray is a hard working guy, he keeps at it to the finish line, this the 2nd time I've worked with Ray and have been very pleased both times, I will continue to with Ray for my financing needs!!" -ry817an (7/18/2017)
"Best lender I've ever worked with. Mr. Austin is awesome. He did a super job. He showed me different options for a refi that other banks didn't even bother to tell. I would definitely recommend others to use Paramount and work Mr. Austin for a new purchase or refi. Last but not least I would like to thank Annie for staying on top of the game at all time. Thanks again guys." -Jaspreet (7/18/2017)
"Matthew Matsuda was fantastic!!!! He was always there when I had any questions to ask about what was going on with my loan situation. He was always timely with his response to any question I had. If for any reason he didn't know the answer to my question, he would find out the answer and get back to me. He made the entire Loan Process easier to manage. I would highly recommend Mat Matsuda to anyone seeking Refinancing with Paramount Equity." -superloni04 (7/17/2017)
"Whitnie was very helpful and down to earth. She responded quickly and did everything she could to ensure a smooth process. Our loan started and finished with ease and a quick turn around time! Thanks again Whitnie!" -user676492 (7/17/2017)
"Thank you Missy on all your help during our refinance. You were so courteous and so professional. We were so skeptical at first to do everything by emails. But everyone was helpful to us on all our concerns and took the time to explain everything to us every step of the way. If we know anyone who will need a mortgage representative you will be the first person we refer to them." -zuser20140814194300068 (7/16/2017)
"Melvin did an excellent job walking us thru the process and helping us get the required paperwork submitted. He stayed in constant contact and was very helpful in explaining the process." -trostle3 (7/16/2017)
"Be assured that B. Johnson is the best agent in the country. He has been a beam of light helping to guide me on my way to a fixed mortgage. My wife passed away last year and she was the one to go to for getting this kind of project done. She was a legal secretary... need I say more. SO ....Bradley Paul Johnson stepped up and coached me all the way through the process. He taught me patience, computer skills that I just didn't have. So to all of you looking for a great mortgage specialist and a fun and gracious life coach. HE IS YOUR MAN! GO PARAMOUNT EQUITY MORTGAGE YOU AND B JOHNSON ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!" -asayhemp (7/15/2017)
"Our experience with Paramount Equity Mortgage / Will Goode Jr. was amazing. We found a house we wanted, contacted Paramount Equity Mortgage, and they connected us with Will Goode Jr. From day one of searching and locating the house we wanted until 32 days later when we signed the final paperwork; we found Will Goode Jr. very helpful and patient. Purchasing a home is frustrating at times with all of the Laws and Regulations, but he stuck with us and every time we contacted him he was very helpful! Certainly we would recommend this group to anyone looking for a company that cares about their clients. We also recommend that IF you are serious about a purchase, stay in contact, ask questions, ask for explanations if you are not sure what is going on. Do your part in getting things done, don't just sit back and wait for them to do everything." -user4197805 (7/15/2017)
"Lymar was extremely quick on responding to any and all questions I presented. Lymar did not over promise or exaggerate on what could be done, but laid out all the exact numbers up front, so there were no hidden secrets." -Tadazy1 (7/14/2017)
"Working with Jake was amazing. We had a few issues come up during the process but he resolved all of them in a prompt and professional manner. Jake was able to do things that other brokers could not. I would absolutely do business with Jake again. Jake is a miracle worker! I feel people need to know! Thank you Jake! YOU'RE THE BEST! -Sara (7/14/2017)
"Ryan was very tentative to what our desires for the refinance process were. He went above and beyond to make sure we were happy and that the entire process was as quick and painless as possible. Would absolutely recommend Ryan and Paramount!!!"-Tyler (7/13/2017)
"This year we decided to refinance. As this was not my first time doing so , I was expecting "bumps in the road", based on my previous experiences. But with Ryan , there was no problems of any kind. He handled everything extremely quickly, and was always available to answer any questions . This has been the best and quickest experience I have ever had with a mortgage company, and that is coming from a person who bought 3 houses and refinanced two of them . Thank you Ryan for a stellar customer service." -agatamemmott (7/13/2017)
"Working with Zeb was awesome. Not only is Zeb very knowledgeable at what he does, but very helpful and never leaves your side. This guy and his company are highly recommended. He will be first on my list to call for any future mortgage needs." -zuser20170614124418419 (7/12/2017)
"Glad we were able to refinance our mortgage. Andrew was very nice and knowledgeable. The only negative for us was, not being talked to in a while then when we hear from Andrew, its hurry, do it now. I am pretty sure that's the nature of the business. We liked Andrew." -1budhill1952 (7/12/2017)
"We were very satisfied with how our loan was handled from start to finish. Very professional and every detail was handled in a timely manner. Very satisfied." -psummers86305 (7/11/2017)
"Early in January of 2017, I opened a few emails regarding the refinancing of my home. I was really interested in securing a HARP loan. I didn’t really expect much help from anyone, but I was pleasantly surprised. I was under a lot of pressure: my wife had died a few years back; the mortgage rate and payment were high; and I found myself having a difficult time making ends meet.

Enter Kristina. Paramount Mortgage assigned her to this 81 year old. Without wasting any time, she listened to my story; explained what she would pursue to benefit me; then took over. I fell in love with her instantly; trusted her instinctively; and, adopted her as my daughter! To this day, I still refer to her as “my adopted daughter.”

Kristina kept me in the loop on everything. She walked me through whatever I needed to do on my end. Try getting an old guy like me to complete forms on the internet! Any questions I had were never bothersome to her. She patiently allayed any fears I may have had. If Kristina could not answer my question immediately, she assured me that she would get back to me with an answer shortly. I never had to wait long for the answer. She always got back to me promptly.

I came away from this encounter totally satisfied. My rate was lower; the payment lower; and life became a bit brighter. Her competence and pursuit of what will best serve her client are outstanding. I would gladly recommend anyone to her.

I rate her with 5 Stars plus!"-chetandjoanne (7/11/2017)

"It is with pleasure I write to convey my outstanding experience with Brian Green at Paramount Equity Mortgage. I had started the process of applying for a VA cash out refinance with a lender in a different state when I was contacted by Paramount Equity Mortgage. I was so impressed with the experience that I switched lenders to work with people who understood what I wanted to do and who expedited completing the loan process with them. I was totally satisfied with the experience my wife and I had with the VA loan process, a first time for us. We are very pleased we changed to Brian Green, Equity Mortgage and their support staff. Great people all." -himileagejim (7/10/2017)
"I recently re-financed my house through Paramount Equity Mortgage and Mr. Kenneth Turner was the agent who helped me navigate the paper work. Kenneth was so helpful, always cordial, and very professional. Mr. Turner always acted like he cared for my needs. Anytime I called, he was quick to answering, and if he was not available, he was quick to return my calls. I appreciated the way he kept me apprised to what was happening with my loan. He made me feel secure with my choice of loan companies. I thank him for all his help and willingness to go the extra mile." -Cheryl (7/10/2017)
"I am so 100% thankful for Jeannette! She has made this process cake! She has worked with me every step and explained everything she was doing for me and my loan! She even went above and beyond to help with a separate situation that turned out to be better than what we ever expected. I cannot express how grateful I am to have been contacted by her!" -user2346922 (7/7/2017)
"Mr. Marcel Montano made my home refinance goal unexpectantly enjoyable. He was exceptionally professional, helpful and enjoyable to work with refinancing my home in Florida. He always answered or returned my calls and/or emails promptly quickly. Again, it was a pleasure working with Mr. Montano and if I decide to seek a Mortgage Specialist, he will certainly be my first choice." -pointfreedom (7/6/2017)
"I was at a loss to find a refinance and James Donald Miller came into my life. He believed in me as much as I believed in him. He made my refinance smooth and easy, trusting he would make it happen. I'm glad he crossed my path and would recommend him 100%!" -debbyk10 (7/6/2017)
"David Fernandes always went above and beyond to answer any questions we had; also, making suggestions of what may possibly be of greater benefit to our family. He took that extra step to help us understand the process of Refinancing which put us at ease. David is clearly a "people person" that always communicated with us no matter of time or day." -araceliames83 (7/3/2017)
"Like the title says, I have nothing at all negative to say about Whitnie and my experience with Paramount. Before starting the process, I read a few online reviews and I will admit I was quite skeptical. Whitnie is a rock star! Absolutely everything went off without a hitch, or at least she made it seem that way. She kept in constant communication, texting me with daily updates. Then when she handed me off to the support team, everyone was extremely professional and helpful. I will definitely be recommending her to my friends and family." -d watson6 (7/3/2017)
"Nathan W. Sanders, was so helpful and very easy to work with. He explained everything step by step throughout the refinance process. I have found refinancing to be difficult in the past. Mr. Sanders, helped with every detail. I'm so thankful for all his hard work." -apenny1021 (7/1/2017)
"I am pleased with the outcome of my refinance. James and his team worked hard to meet our needs. The process was painless as they kept us informed every step of the way. Lisa was excellent at communicating with us and she returned our phone calls immediately. We will definitely call James and his team at Paramount for our future needs." -mcletrc (6/30/2017)
"I called Paramount Equity Mortgage and was connected to Derek and he did a great job for a busy man. Great job I am happy with the results. If your looking for a good man to work with ask for Derek Avila, he worked with me through the whole process till it closed." -terry2011 (6/30/2017)
"Words cannot do justice to how Ryan stepped us through all phases of the mortgage loan process. Ryan took it upon himself with lots of involvement and hand holding us through the loan application, underwriting reviews and finally the loan closing. After having had a horrible experience with Citibank Mortgage we were nervous to go through the process again, but Ryan put us at ease from the moment we engaged Paramount Equity Mortgage for a loan solution. Fantastic experience thanks to Ryan." -James (6/29/2017)
"Clayton was very helpful when our regular specialist had to be gone for a period of time. Clayton was right on top of everything. He was easy to work with and didn't mind explaining anything that you needed. Great to work with. Will send friends to him." -stephengoodman2 (6/29/2017)
"My experience with Missy Ferris was wonderful. I felt totally at ease with her, not to mention she got the beautiful home that my husband and I were looking for. We closed escrow in just twenty nine days. I highly recommend Missy Ferris to be your loan officer." -Rhonda (6/28/2017)
"Brandon made my experience easy and painless. Very personable and made me feel like he was helping a friend. Answered all my questions and very knowledgeable. Thanks for everything!" -rnbjunkie23 (6/28/2017)
"Jaz, was great, she helped us when others stated that they might not be able to, our credit was ok, but we had too much debt, however she found a mistake in our credit report that made all of the difference. The closing took longer than we anticipated only because there was a backlog with the appraisal, however that was not anything that Jaz could do about that. Her work was excellent." -demmel (6/27/2017)
"Dustin was great to work with! He was pleasant, always responded to my phone calls in a timely manner, was very thorough & knowledgeable. Highly recommended!" -LMCCLAM7 (6/26/2017)
"It was a great experience working with John. It was the best over-the-phone/online process I have ever been through. John made it seem as if I was meeting him in person at his office throughout the entire process. He answered all my questions completely and promptly." -dchib (6/25/2017)
"I am in the service industry, so when I get someone (and in this case the entire company), to be as responsive, true to their word, and just downright wanting to help as this crew, it is awesome! Elmer contacted me thru a web lead, and was straight up as honest as if we were long time friends. Our process, start to finish could not have been easier... Emails answered in a timely manner, phone calls when necessary.. He even screen shared with me so I could see everything he did, and KNEW he was describing things perfectly. As the other reviews here have stated, he made us feel important, cared about our situation, and made it happen. I will use him in the future, guaranteed! Thank you Elmer, and also Monica!!!!" -brakoli08 (6/23/2017)
"We recently refinanced our house with Brandon and he was the driving force for us from day one. We were nervous due to a previous bad experience but Brandon walked us through every step and got us approved quickly. He personally made sure we hit every deadline, made calls around our crazy work schedules and no question was too silly. Can't say enough about his knowledge and passion for the getting the job right." -sherrysel (6/23/2017)
"Brandon was very helpful and courteous. He was also always there to answer any questions we had about the process. We were able to re-finance our house in 2 weeks from start to finish!" -sbideshi (6/22/2017)
"I would like to express my thanks to you and the staff at Paramount Equity for your professionalism and dedication to the customer. I was a little hesitant when I first started the process because I thought I was going to get the same answer as every other loan company said, "Sorry but we can't Help you". Paramount Equity stayed the course even when I was ready to drop it when I thought I was going to be denied. It was your calming influence that helped me. Your staff was very dedicated and not once did they fail to answer my questions even when I was upset. Thank you Paramount Equity for your dedication and professional work. If anyone asks me for a company in your business I will definitely refer them to you." -onenuttyraider88 (6/22/2017)
"Jason helped my wife and I refinance our home. I am a relatively picky customer and shopped quite a bit to ensure we were getting the best rate and outcome during our refinance. No matter what, Jason continued to ensure Paramount offered the best rate and return. Even with all of my shopping around and delivering competitive Loan Estimates from various companies, Jason and Paramount were able to close our loan almost 30 days exactly from our first communication. Jason is very timely with his responses (even in the early morning) and ensured all of my questions were answered. We are very pleased with our refinance experience and outcome. Thanks Jason for all the hard work on our behalf!" -momran7 (6/21/2017)
"Nathan was very helpful and informative through the whole process and available whenever I had a question! He was there for us from start to finish. I would absolutely recommend him!" -Doug (6/21/2017)
"I found Anthony and his team to be very professional and would recommend them for refinance or purchase financing. Anthony worked to get me a very low rate and also kept his costs much lower than the competitions." -Doug (6/20/2017)
"Nathan kept me up to date with the processing of my loan. Followed up with answers to questions promptly. Told me what to expect and kept to timelines. He was honest with what he and his company would provide and the costs associated with the loan. Offered a variety of options which allowed me to pick which was best for my refinancing needs." -DLenburg77 (6/20/2017)
"Erec was amazing to work with. From the very beginning, he immediately made it evident that he was not not like any other mortgage broker I had ever heard of. I knew he was working to find us the best fit for our refinance, which I thoroughly believe he did. He was very honest about fees and points on different types of loans, credit ratings and the like. I never felt as if we were a commission to him, as I have felt with other mortgage companies in the past. I would highly recommend contacting him with your mortgage needs - you won't be disappointed. I know he'll work just as hard for you and your family as he did with ours!" -sneezy79 (6/19/2017)
"Jason was very helpful throughout the whole process. He was very knowledgeable and good about explaining everything. Which made it easy to understand the process. It was great to work him." -agarcia2524 (6/17/2017)
"I applied for a home refinance/bill consolidation loan at LendingTree.com. The following day, I received calls from 2 or 3 lenders. One lender couldn't help me because my house had recently been listed on the real estate market. Another lender wasn't able to get me enough cash to pay off my bills. A third lender didn't seem too interested in getting the ball rolling. At that point I had essentially given up. A few hours after the aforementioned lenders had called, I received a call from Whitnie Marie Tiner, at Paramount Equity Mortgage. My first words to Whitnie were, "You're not going to be able to help me." I gave a brief description of what I was told by previous lending companies and Whitnie replied by saying, "That's not true." Whitnie got the ball rolling that very day. She was a pleasure to work with throughout the process, always keeping me updated. I closed the loan yesterday. My interest rate was better than I expected and I received the additional proceeds necessary to pay off my bills. I would highly recommend Whitnie Marie Tiner to anyone who's looking to refinance their mortgage." -bkake (6/17/2017)
"Neil helped me every step of the way with respect and knowledge. He answered all my questions and replied to emails. He made me very comfortable dealing with this refinance and would recommend him highly." -dmlpa38 (6/16/2017)
"Michael Xavier was a delight to work with. He made getting a mortgage painless and smooth. He was very helpful with everything and made it as easy as possible. I would definitely recommend both he and Paramount Mortgage." -spike575 (6/16/2017)
"Looking for lenders, we was iffy on who to go with due to the fact how we was done with a previous lender. Michael with Paramount was exceptional with us & held our hands throughout the whole process. Michael was professional & too notch. I rate him a 10!! The process wasn't stressful & that's all thanks to Michael . Thank you Michael for helping us & making the process as simple as can be!"-abarnett9697 (6/15/2017)
"We had Alexandra help us twice. She was able to answer any of my questions and respond in very timed manner. Also, guide me through step of the process. I'd highly recommend her service." -user5652828 (6/15/2017)
"Andrew Lee, did an outstanding job for us on re-finance of our mortgage. we were able to reduce our monthy premium and skip two payments. The process was fast and smooth, with Andrew staying in contact with us. He made the transaction stress free!" -zourah69 (6/14/2017)
"Ian was very open about literally EVERYTHING in this process. He thoroughly explained everything in detail. This was our first refi so we needed some guidance on things. He was not pushy at all and made sure we fully understood everything and were comfortable with everything before moving forward." -Courtney (6/14/2017)
"I have worked with numerous lenders and mortgage specialists throughout the years. With that said, I can honestly say that Mr. Lee was always available to speak with me whenever I called, always made me feel like I was the only client he had, and provided full support and timely answers to my questions. If Andrew didn't know the answer, he would always find the answer and get back to me quickly. It was a pleasure working with Andrew Lee and I would highly recommend anyone looking for a good mortgage specialist to consider using Andrew Lee as your first choice." -Lee (6/13/2017)
"Lymar was awesome when handling my refinance. I was going through a different lender and I was not happy with his attitude and he was very pushy. I decided before I kept going with this particular lender, I was going to contact Lymar who I had done my previous refinance. Not only was Lymar able to help me, he got me a better percentage rate and better all around loan. My husband and I were thrilled I had decided to contact Lymar. If I have any refinancing in the future, he will be the first person I call!" -racerrabbit (6/13/2017)
"Maryam Nouraei at Paramount Equity Mortgage is so very professional, but personal with all the help anyone needs . Maryam walked me through the process. She definitely goes the other mile to take personal care of her customers." -jordawa3 (6/12/2017)
"Refinancing my mortgage with Lymar was the best. I've never worked with such a personable lender before. The process was easy to go through and even though there was some glitches, Lymar worked through them all." -tjjelwb (6/12/2017)
"Some people are just (Great) at what they do! Neil & Kristin are truly Top Notch! My refi, seemingly had some twists & turns being my wife and I are separated. We always have remained supportive of each other. Our situation was explained to Neil and Kristin in which they immediately informed us which Direction to take. Closing Achieved! Thank You & Your Team!"-Wil (6/11/2017)
"My experience in refinancing my home has been a real pleasure with Zeb he has helped me tremendously with with every step we took he was there when I needed him and I could call him at any time and he would always answer me on his own phone and his work phone he was he was a real pleasure to work with and I really enjoyed the experience of refinancing to him thank you again for all your help I really appreciate it and I would definitely recommend you to other people who want to refinance or buy a home." -chrissie66630 (6/10/2017)
"So as I was not sure about who to refinance with and so many choices I got a call from Kristina Tkalec (Paramount Equity). She was very easy to talk to and explained all my questions to great detail. She helped me understand the areas of a contract to look and the cost that other companies where charging. She walked me through the whole process and everything went fast and smooth. It all happened as planed and I'm very happy got this done." -zuser20140318180634351 (6/9/2017)
"We were extremely satisfied with Esteban's service during our 2nd refinance. We did not have a great experience the first time around with a different lender so we were a bit skeptical the second time around. Esteban was very professional and super responsive to all emails, calls and text messages. He made sure we were continuously updated throughout the whole process and delivered on the timeline we had discussed when we began the process. We will definitely be using his services again when the need arises." -Giovanna (6/8/2017)
"Tara is excellent, she helped me a lot to refinance my mortgage. She is very helpful to understand the process of refinancing with a lot of explanation." -edita52 (6/7/2017)
"My concerns and inquiries were responded in a timely manner. Being an elderly and sometimes anxious, I am very comfortable asking same questions again until I am sure that I understand the response. If my question requires a research, Ryan responded that he will get to do a further research instead of giving a half answer." -Zenaida (6/7/2017)
"I found this experience most satisfying. Neil and the others were great and couldn't ask for a more easier time in refinancing my house. If rated 1-10 I would give it 9.5. You were great, I can repeat this was a great experience." -b4burch (6/6/2017)
"We were very pleased with Jason Birt's help in refinancing our house. Of all the agents that contacted us, Jason stood out as very courteous, knowledgeable and professional. He was very patient and went through different options with us without being pushy. On our phone appointments he would call at the agreed time sharp, and not hours before like some of the agents did. He was available by text, calls and emails. He also followed up during the process, and we felt we were in the best of hands. We would highly recommend him to anyone that is looking for an efficient, caring, professional, dependable and knowledgeable agent!" -840eaglenest (6/6/2017)
"We are very happy with Bryan. He was a big help when refinancing our home. He kept us informed with what was going on. It was an easy process with his help. I would recommend him to my family and friends." -vas2123 (6/5/2017)
"Tara F. was very efficient, professional and has the knowledge to process my claim so fast. This was such a help to me at a time my life was so stressful & traumatic. What a great experience." -rdfintel12 (6/5/2017)
"I've called around and spoke with different financial Companies, I finally made my decision to go with Neil McGowan @ Paramount equity. Neil was very prompt and professional. Any questions or concerns I had Neil was there too answer them in a prompt timely matter. Neil is very professional, and kept me posted on everything during my refinance. The whole process went smooth and done in a timely manner. I would recommend Neil to family & friends!!!" -catacody (6/4/2017)
"It was fast, effective and very professional! Faster than I thought and great personal touch! Thank you Austin! Very professional from the first call the last interaction that I had with him and the staff at Paramount!" -user4962615 (6/3/2017)
"Nathan took his time to ensure all aspects of the process went smoothly, to keep us informed, to follow-up, and to respond to any question in a timely manner. Thanks for your efforts." -tuohy5122 (6/1/2017)
"Jason was very courteous, helpful and respectful of my time. He made the process very easy and he was always very responsive in getting back to me. He did a lot of work to make sure I got the best deal." -Mericlayton (6/1/2017)
"I've dealt with Paramount Equity before and the experience has always been good. With Nathan the experience was great! He made it that way with the consistent and constant communication. He kept me informed as to what was happening and explained the process. He answered my questions the same day. Whenever I left him a message he returned it that same day. This was the difference in service I got from Nathan and it was the same Mortgage company I've been dealing with, but never received this type of constant communication, which is great Customer Service and is hard to find with other Mortgage Specialists." -user6058594 (5/31/2017)
"Brian was a pleasure to work with he never said no he worked to find a solution to any problem that came up and would highly recommend Brian to anyone and look forward to working with Brian again in the future." -Gerald (5/31/2017)
"It was a pleasure working with you. I like how you gave your energy and explained everything to me. Thank you for being so patient. Wishing you the best of luck!" -runwayfashionla (5/30/2017)
"Ryan and his team are amazing. They made what seemed like an impossible task of buying a home easy. Ryan went above and beyond to make sure he was able to make our loan happen. He is always available and quick to respond. I would definitely use him again and will be sending him referrals." -Aimee (5/30/2017)
"I was working with someone for 3 months who came back and told us the rate was going UP! Appraisal was a mess, missed major assets like solar. Brian called me when I was pulling my hair out and within 31 DAYS from the initial call we closed, saving me a .25 point AND PMI AND about $400/month!!! He was always responsive and got back to me within 24 hours every time. He was available even on the weekends and late in the evening! I knew what was going on every step of the way and really helped me feel like I was educated about my loan." -Cecilia (5/26/2017)
"Ian baby stepped me from the initial contact up to closing. The whole process took less than three weeks. Ian is very conscientious and thoughtful. My only criticism is that he occasionally forgets that he spoke to the same client earlier in the day." -dojoss (5/26/2017)
"Nathan provided excellent customer service. He made my refinancing seamless and kept me inform every step of the process. Paramount was very accommodating. I did my application and documents online and they even scheduled a notary to come to my home at my convenience to sign the final closing documents." -zuser20140820095457883 (5/25/2017)
"This is a great team of professionals, the whole process went very smooth.... will definitely be using them again. Marcel was with me every step of the way, and got me the best rate possible." -Randy (5/25/2017)
"Nathan was very honest and helpful. He answered all my questions and guided me in the right direction. I hope he's around in the future if I decide to refi again." -user29849343 (5/24/2017)
"He was knowledgeable and answered all of our questions. Dustin worked around our busy schedule and got our refinance done quickly and painlessly." -cmthomas480 (5/24/2017)
"Working with Ryan was easy and fast. He was quick to answer any question I had. My loan was a Veteran's Administration loan and those can be difficult. Ryan was a pleasure to work with and I would recommend him to any veteran."-tellis26 (5/23/2017)
"This was the most painless refinance I have ever done. I was having issues with my previous lender and out of the blue Jason and his team called. I was at first skeptical at doing a refinance at on line and with a non local lender, but took the chance with Jason and was pleasantly surprised at the time he spent working with me in getting this done. It was so easy I did everything from my smart phone. Call him if you are thinking about buying or needing a refinance. You will be pleased."-John (5/23/2017)
"We were actually in the process of working with another loan company when Ian reached out. I was sure we had the best deal possible, but Ian was actually able to give us a better rate and save us money in closing costs. The best part is that Ian was TEN times more professional and pleasant to talk to than the person I was dealing with at the other company." -laneytemp (5/22/2017)
"I met Robert while reviewing a number of finance companies. Robert stood out because our first conversation was on a Sunday when no one else was working. We established my expectations and Robert tried hard to stick to those expectations. Always available, always responsive and always easy to talk to and work with." -Michael (5/22/2017)
"I called around and spoke with several companies but finally decided to work with Neil. It didn't take long for me to gain his trust and respect. He was there for me and my family every step of the way and when he said he would call me right back - he did. Always honest and dependable. He even gave me his cell phone number and kept in contact over the weekends until the process was finalized. Neil McGowan is truly an asset to the Paramount Equity Team." -ldevoe921 (5/21/2017)
"Cassandra was very quick with the paperwork, she was amazing to work with. She was always available to answer any question and made the process a lot easier." -Paul (5/19/2017)
"Kyle was very professional he guide me through all my refinance process his service was great!!! I totally recommend anyone to get Kyle Services you will be another satisfy customer!" -vt trucking (5/18/2017)
"We recently did a refinance of our home. We had a great experience. The service was prompt, professional, under promised and over delivered. I would highly recommend Paramount and Nathan to anyone in need of these services. Thanks again for the great work!" -user59492918 (5/18/2017)
"Jason was always available and responded quickly. He was able to explain any details of our transaction and took the time to make sure we understood. The whole transaction was quick, easy and well handled. When you first talk to Jason you will know he likes his job and you have found the right person for your needs. Jason is truly there for the customer. Thanks Jason!!" -kchristiansen43 (5/17/2017)
"Bryan was a great help. He made the experience very easy and understandable. I would use him again and recommend him to anyone that is looking for a mortgage!" -dnd3300 (5/17/2017)
"I had given up the idea of refinancing, though my husband and I definitely needed the cash out to regroup from few debts, remodeling and a little breathing room... I totally hesitated when I got the phone call...Patrick however, was super professional and immediately started advising on solutions to our credit status versus refinancing, and made all the computations I asked for so quickly and efficiently. All he promised came to pass, total success! Wish all professionals out there had his caliber: exceptional!" -Tatiana (5/16/2017)
"Wilson did an outstanding job in helping us get a VA refi. We were able to combine a second mortgage with our first and reduce our interest rate by more than a full percentage point. Our monthly payment dropped more than $360/month. Wilson was extremely knowledgeable and kept us informed all the way through. We were never in the dark. Thank you Wilson."-Stephen (5/16/2017)
"I highly recommend Wilson he is an extraordinary agent that takes the time explain everything in detail. He was always available to our questions and concerns. He took the time to answer phone calls late in the evening ,and weekends if we had questions. He made the whole process of the loan very smooth. We are very pleased with his service and his cordial personality!" -alm911717 (5/15/2017)
"They knew the process well and continuously kept us in the loop. No surprises came up during the financing part which made it less stressful than it could've been. Thanks Guys!" -Matt (5/15/2017)
"My wife purchased a home before we got married when the market and its rates were at its highest. We have tried to sell the home since but were not able to sell without taking a huge loss. We decided to turn the property into a rental and for years we were renting the home but the rent was only covering the mortgage which was MINIMIZING the damage. I reached out to multiple lenders to try and refinance and everyone turned us away stating the house is too far underwater and will never be approved to refinance. We eventually stumbled upon Paramount Equity Mortgage and luckily we were contacted by Kristina Tkalec. Kristina informed me that they have programs for people in our situation and got us started right away. From day one Kristina was a delight to work with she made the process quick and painless. She was always there to answer my phone calls and emails with any questions or concerns we had and if she wasn't available I was called back immediately! I truly believe that she cared about helping us and that this wasn't just another job for her. Kristina Even went out of her way a few times to help get the process sped up by doing things I don't believe were her responsibility! The end result with Kristina is my wife received a lower interest rate and we are now making an acceptable profit on the rental property. I can honestly say this has been a financial changing event in our married life. 5 stars, 2 thumbs up, highly recommended! Thanks Kristina!!" -zuser20161125053917557 (5/13/2017)
"Jaz provide us with a fast, friendly and professional service. Answered all my questions and took the time to explain the loan process. We will highly recommend her for all your loan needs." -blacy54 (5/13/2017)
"My husband and I had a wonderful experience during our refinancing of our home we would definitely recommend Bryan to friends and family. He was very informative and helpful." -bza (5/12/2017)
"Joshua was very helpful during this process. I could always reach him when needed with any questions. I had tried last year to refinance but ran into a multitude of obstacles. Joshua walked me through everything step by step. This was a huge step for me as my husband died in November and I had never made financial decisions without having Tom with me. Joshua understood my situation, was empathetic, and steered me in the right direction. I also worked with Katie and was also very pleased with her support throughout the process." -mdoyle030 (5/12/2017)
"I must sincerely commend and recognize Ryan Gwiazdon for the outstanding personalized service he provided during the refinance of my home loan. My financial circumstances presented a challenge in getting my interest only loan refinanced and I had been turned away by several lenders who applied cookie cutter criteria to my unique situation. I found Ryan to be extremely open minded and willing to explore options that ultimately substantiated my eligibility and ability to qualify for the 30 year fixed loan that he was able to arrange for me. He came through with all of his promises and was very responsive, respectful and accommodating to my life circumstances in making this all happen quickly and easily. I will surely recommend Ryan to my friends and family due to his high level of integrity along with his strong strong desire to accommodate and work through unconventional situations with understanding, compassion and top notch service. I will further commend him for doing a great job setting expectations and being authentic and fun to deal with." -Krisann (5/11/2017)
"Jason was one of the most professional loan officers I've ever dealt with. I've had some horrible experiences in the past and was dreading buying another home... However Jason explained the process upfront, answered all my questions, and always answered his phone or called me back same day. He was a pleasure to work with and would recommend him to anyone and everyone who is looking for a mortgage." -cfaruge (5/10/2017)
"We started working with another co., but it was not going very well. Whitnie called me and she started helping to get everything going and in order that we needed to be doing for the refi. I did not even talk to the other co. at all after that. Whitnie handled it all with ease. Thanks for everything Whitnie." -hroberts22004 (5/8/2017)
"He explained everything good and the whole staff was good. I thought it was going to be worse than it was, but they made it better. If anybody I know want to get a loan I would tell them about Micheal Chinn." -Ricky (5/5/2017)
"Philip Gopal was an absolutely incredible mortgage professional to work with. He always responded to my emails or calls extremely fast, was pleasant and patient with me when I had questions and was such a great source of knowledge surrounding the mortgage options and processes. Overall, my wife and I were exceptionally pleased doing business with him and Paramount. He will be our first person to contact for all of our future mortgage needs." -CalebWaller8 (5/4/2017)
"Ryan and his team were fantastic! They were extremely thorough and efficient, always there to answer any questions when purchasing our home. We highly recommend using Ryan Delfs and his team if you are looking to buy a home." -Ann (5/4/2017)
"Jason did an excellent job of working with us to combine our 1st and 2nd mortgages into a 1 new mortgage. He explained everything very well and was a pleasure to work with thru the process. Would definitely recommend working with him." -user5533836 (5/3/2017)
"Our experience with James and his team was great. We started the loan process with them, and in about a month everything was completed. Very easy process. They got us the 30 yr fixed rate we wanted. The process was explained to us and every question was answered in a timely manner." -glomac62 (5/2/2017)
"Always very polite and respected my decisions. Very fast response and when my baby was napping didn't mind communicating through email. Worked very fast." -margaritasales (5/2/2017)
"She was very efficient at getting us a better option for our mortgage. Replied quickly to every question and very friendly and personable at the same time." -craigzel77 (4/29/2017)
"Maryam saved me money and time every opportunity she had. I could always contact her and get answers quickly and easily. I highly recommend working with her if you are considering mortgage related transactions!" -Branden (4/28/2017)
"Mitch was great to work with and made sure that I was well informed every step of the process. My refinance went smoothly and closed exactly as expected. I would definitely recommend lender to friends and family." -vpmystique (4/28/2017)
"I was very skeptical and not really looking to refinance. However, I felt comfortable with Austin immediately and was willing to listen and answer all my questions. He made the whole process very simple and unthreatening." -NDee25 (4/26/2017)
"Ian was always very professional and courteous. He walked me through the loan process and explained all the different options. He patiently answered all my dumb questions. Would definitely recommend doing business with him." -swillingham69 (4/26/2017)
"Always able to answer questions with in a valid timeline. Constantly kept me up to date with any changes happening or any paper work they may have needed." -zuser20160726084504559 (4/25/2017)
"We were in an adjustable rate interest only mortgage and wanted to re-finance into a 30 year conventional using the HARP loan. I called Paramount Equity and was paired with Ryan. He was fantastic! Answered all my questions and was able to explain the process and any ins and outs. This loan went fast and I mean super fast! Start to finish right about 2 weeks. Ryan stayed in touch through the entire process and even gave me his cell in case I had any questions and he wasn't in the office or it was after hours. TOP NOTCH SERVICE! I would highly recommend Paramount Equity and Ryan who made this an easy stress free process." -rnksmith3 (4/24/2017)
"Ryan and his assistant Desiree were wonderful. They make what feels like the impossible happen...... They are professional, courteous and we always felt listened to. They made us feel like we were priority #1." -Michelle (4/24/2017)
"Answered any and all questions I had, worked hard to get me the best possible rates with a greatly reduced term (30 years to 15 years). Very happy with their service and would highly recommend." -chattrboxx513 (4/23/2017)
"We were so frustrated until we had Courtney working with us. In addition to doing the work needed to deliver a great result, she proved there are still people who believe in professionalism, honesty, and dealing with you as people instead of a sale. We highly recommend her." -Morrow1421 (4/22/2017)
"He was always willing to help out when I had any questions along the way. He was always available and responded quickly. He even offered to help out when it was his day off!" -trentwil (4/21/2017)
"Whitney was very professional. She is extremely knowledgeable and makes you feel comfortable. Whitney takes time to explain each step of the process making it all very simple. Other refi's were a nightmare, but Whitney made this one a joy. It is only her hard work that made this come to be. Thank you Whitney!" -allegretto2008 (4/20/2017)
"Jason has helped us with 2 loans now, and he was very helpful. He clearly explained our options, and we felt we knew where our loan was at through the entire process. He was quick to reply to any questions, and helped resolve any issues. We highly recommend him!" -spadybirch (4/20/2017)
"David was always a step ahead and making sure I had what I needed way before it was requested. David was honest with me and was extremely patient with all my questions." -rojoch (4/19/2017)
"James was honest and communication was great. He always got back to my emails within a day, most of the time it was within hours. Other staff I dealt with at Paramount were equally great." -ambercole041 (4/18/2017)
"From beginning to end the process of refinancing with Paramount was an experience we found to be informative and fair. James fully explained at every point what his company was able to offer us and provided more than fair financial assistance. His assistant, Lisa, was very pleasant and helpful and we especially appreciated the ability to reach her whenever we called and had questions. The whole process took 29 days from start to finish; I never would have thought that possible! We would highly recommend James and his staff for anyone looking for mortgage assistance. Thank you to the whole team who worked on our loan.-krebert3 (4/18/2017)
"My loan got approved in 7 days! Michael Chinn was extremely helpful in every aspect of the refinance process. He educated us about the whole process and made the everything simple, dare I say hassle free? Michael delivered on his promises and there we no unexpected surprises. I wish all my refinance experiences were like this, I highly recommend him." -espjmc (4/17/2017)
"Just when I thought I was going to stick with my previous loan and not refinance, Bradley started to weave his magic. He completely tailored my refi to exactly what I was looking for and even constructed a few extras that I didn't know we're possible! If you're in need, this number cruncher will go the extra mile for you!" -johnsonchristopher50 (4/17/2017)
"We had a great experience with Paramont. Ravi and Lee worked hard to make our experience simple and easy. They answered all our questions in a timely manner. If you want to refinance, these are the guys to come to. Thank you Ravi." -pamela cole10 (4/16/2017)
"I got a loan through Patrick at Paramount Equity. He was so helpful, efficient, friendly and kind. He clearly explained things when I didn't understand the timing and process. He is the best!" -zuser20160917184829396 (4/15/2017)
"Alisha did an extraordinary job with our loan. We've been thru the refinance process a couple of times in the past 25 years and by far this was the most pleasant, simplest and efficient process we have been thru. She was informative, knowledgeable, patient and very courteous every step of the way. Always available even after business hours by email, phone and text also quickly retuned our calls to attend to our needs. When the appraiser and the notary were needed she set it up immediately coordinating with our schedule and not inconveniencing us at all. She would keep us informed on every step of the way during the process and give us updates on the times the loan was under review. We are Jehovah's Witness and have a very busy personal life above and beyond our normal work schedule and she work patiently around all that. Bottom line we are extremely pleased with Alisha and have talked to our friends about It.-rafaelanaochoa (4/15/2017)
"She explained in detail the information for refinancing when I first spoke with her on the phone. The paperwork and forms that she needed from me were all sent to her on the same day. She followed up with me with the rest of the process. It was completed less than a month and on time." -mariefolau (4/14/2017)
"I don't have any suggestion for him to improve his performance because he did a very good job for me.He is the one of the best realtor I have met ever. He knows very well how to handle the financials and transaction smoothly in a short period. I never got a frustration during the transaction ever because of patience, wide knowledge on it and very responsible. What I was so impressed mostly about him is that he treats me as a royal customer regardless of the amount of money I borrowed." -makotom1 (4/14/2017)
"Nicole Kirkes was very thorough in explaining the refinance process to us. She kept us informed on the process on the daily basis and how are loan documents are progressing. Nicole and her team worked diligently and tirelessly to get us the lowest interest rate possible compared to our existing loan. We highly recommend her to any one who are looking for professional, prompt, and high quality service for loan mortgages." -rosedimaggio123 (4/13/2017)
"Rick kept me informed throughout the arduous process of refinancing. I always knew where I stood and what to expect next. He went above and beyond to help me secure my refinance." -d ashburn (4/13/2017)
"We thoroughly enjoyed working with Kevin. If we thought it couldn't be done, he found a way to get it done. He paid attention to details and followed though to expedite the loan. His attitude was that to help the borrower accomplish their goals and dreams. Great job Kevin! Visit us in NM!" -zuser20160210193611022 (4/12/2017)
"Thank you so much for all of your help in refinancing our home. You were organized & thorough & professional, as well as kind which made all of the difference in our interactions with you. We put our trust in you and you most definitely came through for us. Thank you for your patience as well as treating us as people rather than just home loan customers. We can now afford to keep our home! Truly Yours Mr & Mrs Singleton." -zuser20140221173837991 (4/12/2017)
"I would strongly recommend him. I never felt pressured. Nathan was great. He made certain I was up to date throughout the process, even in the evening." -lydiakschu (4/11/2017)
"Very friendly very professional, takes the time to explain everything and was a pleasure to work with. It's funny because I was going through some financial issues and I prayed about it and it was like God told him to call me, so I'm very thankful that Ian reached out to me when he did because I've now been rescued from a really bad situation." -MadMaxRice (4/11/2017)
"Rick was very patient in walking us through our loan, He answer each one of questions. I felt very good about the loan he put together for us. The only thing I can think of that would of been better is if they had an office near by. Where you can discuss your loan with someone face-to-face. Other than that everything else was great." -terry1frank (4/10/2017)
"I was extremely happy with the service I received from Mr Sanders. He took the time to explain everything in laymans terms. He was quick to respond and kept me completely informed through every step in the process. I found this company easy to work with and felt very comfortable with the outcome. I would recommend Paramount as a quality lender who puts their customers first." -jkontrelos (4/10/2017)
"I had contacted few lenders prior to Bradley. None of the other lenders had responded with speed or enthusiasm. When I had almost given up hope about refinancing, Bradley contacted me. He helped me understand the process and patiently explaining the process to me to ease my fears. He got a loan for me with an interest rate lower than I expected. The whole process had gone swiftly. My loan closed at the end of March which was only less than 2 months since I had spoken to Bradley. Two weeks after I close the loan, about 5 other lenders had tried to respond to my months-old inquiry to refinance. I had to tell them that they were too late and I had refinanced! I am very grateful for Bradley's help and I definitely will return in the future for home financing need." -tracymortensen9 (4/8/2017)
"Gavin was exceptional in his support of our process. He came up with innovative ideas that really helped us reduce our monthly payments. Anyone who has done a complicated refinance lately knows how much effort it can take. Gavin was always there and ready to help with the process. He was readily available and very responsive. I would highly recommend working with Gavin at Paramount Equity to anyone interested in a home loan." -user41787570 (4/6/2017)
"Ryan and his team took real good care of me. I had a few challenges that had to be overcome during the escrow process and Ryan was there to walk me through each one of them." -mark hodge1 (4/5/2017)
"Char and his team kept us up to date every step of the way with weekly calls or when items were required. His team was easy to get a hold of and made us feel like we were their favorite client." -alopez401 (4/5/2017)
"Jason was a great help with our Mortgage Refinance. He took the time to speak with us and reach out to us when we had questions or concerns on our loan process. I would recommend Jason to anyone that is looking for a home loan or just to refinance." -lorimcfaggan01 (4/4/2017)
"...call RAY! So many steps involved in a refi, and Ray was with us every step of the way, encouraging us and clarifying requests for us. So glad this is now over with, though! Thanks, Ray!" -user4087707 (4/4/2017)
"Alex Watts and his team, especially Sherry Hines (kudos) were very professional and personable. They made the experience quite good and not as stressful as I've heard from others dealing with different mortgage companies during the refinance process. I would highly recommend them." -A Helgeson4 (4/3/2017)
"Ian went above and beyond - when we ran into a roadblock on out refinance, he worked to find us a solution that would work at a great rate. Very personable and great communication. Highly recommended." -garyfisher64 (4/3/2017)
"There is a reason Lindsey is a Mortgage Specialist, she knows her job inside and out, she was right about everything, what type of loan I should get FHA or Conventional, how much my property was worth almost to the dollar while others were off by 40 grand. She got me a great interest rate 3.7 and I didn't have the best credit score for her to work with , so she is kind of a miracle worker also. Any problems she called personally and it didn't matter what day of the week it was. We talked lots of time on Saturday. My loan closed in less that a month and when she said it would. I plan on recommending her to anyone I know who is in need of her services. She made my refinancing a breeze. Do yourself a favor and call her I guarantee you wont regret it." -scole744 (3/31/2017)
"Mitch was very diligent in working with my loan. Service was prompt and funding of loan was as promised. I would recommend his services on any other mortgage services in the future." -user6416617 (3/31/2017)
"My home loan refinance process with RJ from paramount equity mortgage was amazing. He answered every question and kept me abreast all through the process. I will never be able to thank him enough. I highly recommend him." -glenvivi (3/30/2017)
"Char and the Paramount team were head over heels the best lenders I have ever worked with. We came to them with a last minute loan, feeling unsatisfied with our previous lender, and they not only provided us with excellent customer service but gave us different options and opportunities to find the best loan for our situation. They held our hands through the entire process and made us feel like family. Anyone who chooses Char and his team would be lucky to work with such high class professionals." -paulacampos1980 (3/30/2017)
"Anthony was a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend. He is always available and very prompt. He is very knowledgeable and was able to help me buy my first home!" -elizaugadi (3/29/2017)
"Nathan was very informative and great to deal with. Execution of the whole process was very fast and the online portal was very easy and efficient. Best and easiest way to go! -user2430906 (3/29/2017)
"When I first started the process of re-financing, I didn't think it could done. Ray told me from the beginning not to worry. He put his skills to work and made it happen for me. He deserves a huge rise and he did an outstanding job from start to finish. Thank you." -ronniechilds5 (3/28/2017)
"Dizreal was professional and honest in my experience with him. He was organized and made me feel secure in my decision to work with him in obtaining a refi for my home. Additionally, he understood the process of a refi and was able to provide me a step-by-step process of what to expect. He stands by the products he sales to you, which is very rare in this business. I highly recommend Dizreal and the service he provides. Thanks again Dizreal for your honesty and hard work on supporting me in obtaining the refi rate I wanted for my home.-dmphillip (3/28/2017)
"We were sent an Angel...Courtney! She made our refinance experience easy. Quick to answer emails and return calls. I feel like we have made a friend. I highly recommend Courtney!" -sfarris64 (3/27/2017)
"My wife and I were working with another company and not feeling very good about refinancing until I spoke with Courtney. we are so happy we chose to do business with Paramount and couldn't be happier with the customer service provided by Mrs. Sandison. " -spicer442 (3/25/2017)
" Alexandra was wonderful. She answered questions when I wasn't clear and kept me informed. She worked with me on finding a program that would fit our needs and save us money." -Kaylor44 ( 3/24/2017)
" Everything was explained where I was able to understand the whole process which was so much easier. I was able to contact Nathan by e-mail texting or calling him which was nice when I had questions about the refinancing." -kaibab7 ( 3/24/2017)
"I would like to give my thanks to Jinnette for the outstanding customer support she provided during the refinancing of my loan. Like most people that are refinancing their home loan I was very skeptical of her at first especially after dealing with other loan providers. But she eventually earned my trust by displaying and showing integrity and truthfulness while going through the process. Basically everything she told me was correct and truthful just like she said. There were not any unexpected moments, changes or unexplained situations. So if you want to deal with someone who you can trust that have your best interest in mind, hey the answer is clear that she and her staff at Paramount Equity Mortgage are the one you should deal with." (3/24/2017)
"Anthony was very responsive and worked extremely hard to get our tricky situation to work out. We were struggling financially and by being able to get this Refi done, we now will have breathing room to help get our family out of debt."  -thurt315 (3/24/2017)
"Throughout the entire loan process Derek was a pleasure to work with. He was not only personable, but professional, knowledgeable and most importantly available. We were never left wondering about what was going on or where we stood. Derek answered all of our calls and replied to emails promptly. He was in touch with us through every step in the process, even after our loan file was turned over to the processing department.We bought our house in 2006, and have been stuck in an interest only adjustable mortgage. We have talked to numerous bankers, lenders and brokers over the last 7 years and each and every one of them told us the exact same thing. Sorry, there is nothing you can do. We spoke with our mortgage company every year when our rate and payment adjusted, and every year we were told sorry there is nothing you can do. The night Paramount Equity contacted us, my husband had spent two hours on the phone with our mortgage company being transferred from department to department with the same response and no help. Derek was knowledgeable about which loan products and programs were available and what we would qualify for. He mentioned multiple programs that no other company suggested! I am so happy to say that Derek helped us to combine our first and second mortgages, lock in at a low fixed rate AND lower our monthly payment. We can not say enough about Derek Friedrichsmeyer! So if you're in the same position as us, need to refinance your current loan or are buying a house; call Derek." - hwink78  (3/23/2017)
"I have worked with Jerold Jackson for refinancing my mortgage twice. The first time my credit score was not the best, but he found a way to lower my interest rate and monthly payment so that I was able to make my payments on time and start to rebuild my credit. When I decided to refinance again, I contacted Jerold directly via email because he had been so helpful and easy to work with before. This time, he was able to lower my interest rate and make it possible for me to get some cash out to pay some bills and do a kitchen remodel. It has been a pleasure to work with Mr. Jackson. He explained everything in terms that were easy to understand and kept me informed every step of the way. " -dregal5 (2/9/2017)


"Recently Clayton DeMara of Paramount Equity Mortgage handled the refinancing of the mortgage on my Aurora CO home. This was the easiest mortgage I have ever been involved with. Mr DeMara asked all the right questions and facilitated the document processing via fax email or docusign. I would certainly recommend Paramount to anyone looking for a mortgage or refi. Kudos to Clayton and Paramount Mortgage. " -user05801240 (2/8/2017)
"David was extremely professional and supportive! He took time to listen and understand our needs. He had a positive attitude and was a pleasure to work with. He actually answered my calls and emailed me to keep me up to date on all aspects of our refinance. I cannot say enough about him! The BEST I have ever worked with!" -huehappy1 (2/8/2017)
"In my experience dealing with home purchasing or refinancing, Jorge is one of a kind. I've never had such personal service, frequent communication, and going over and above what was required of him making things work and get our refinance closed. An additional benefit, we appreciated, is that he's genuinely a nice sincere person. The support team he worked with were also excellent, keeping un informed every step of the process. I highly recommend Jorge." -hendershott (2/7/2017)
"Kenneth Turner helped me refinance my home to a 15-year fixed rate mortgage and save hundred of thousands compared to the FHA loan I was having at the time. Knowledgeable and courteous, Kenny made the process easy and painless.I started working with him in mid December 2016 and was able to close deal in January 2017. I highly recommend Paramount Equity Mortgage and Kenneth Turner to anyone who is shopping for or considering a mortgage. " -timluu13 (2/5/2017)
"Initially I was not even interested in refinancing. I only wanted to get rid of my pmi insurance from my fha loan. But Sean was so helpful and found a way to pay off my home in half the time for only $150 a month. That is a game changer! Any questions I had he was always available, and happy to help. We closed very very promptly. Would recommend him & his team to anyone. Very pleased!"- Natlie G. ( 2/2/2017)
"At the end of last year I got in contact with Donald Mazzola to refi my home. I have refied before in the passed but was always left with questions that were un answered . Donald was the first to explain every question I had and made sure that my understanding was clear. I consider myself to be conservative in the decisions I make especially when it comes to big decisions like should I refi or not and Donald made it easy for me to make my decision to refi. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a lender. " -navarroyvette79 (1/29/2017)
"The above "title" are feelings that come to mind when I'm describing my business experience with Lindsey. It was kind of a "fluke" that I landed up with her to do business, but that "fluke" turned out to be a true blessing. From the very start, she was knowledgeable and professional yet "a whole lotta fun" at the same time. We had great rapport in my opinion. She explained several different loan options that I would qualify for and the benefits/draw backs of each option. Once I decided which direction to go, she walked me through the entire process from start to finish. She was always available to me via phone, text, or e-mail. She even kept in touch while she was on vacation taking her young son to Disney Land for his birthday (nice momma, huh). The timelines she gave me to complete the process where "right on the mark" and from start to closing only took approximately 6 weeks. If you're looking for a mortgage specialist that truly has you needs as a top priority, get in touch with Lindsay, you won't be sorry !!!!!!!!!!!!! " -deedeeshortstack (1/29/2017)
"Brian Green, a Senior Mortgage Specialist at Paramount was exceptionally helpful and professional. Brian contacted me regularly through the application and loan process to ensure me that everything was moving forward. Brian and his team were very knowledgeable and extremely efficient.They were my Mortgage Dream Team! My FHA loan was processed in less than 30 days! I can't think of one thing Brian could have done better." -dudleymail (1/27/2017)
"My experience was very positive and I would recommend Paramount Equity to any of my friends and/or family. The team at Paramount kept me informed throughout the entire process. If I had any questions or concerns they were only a phone call away. Thank you for your help!!! "- daneroy2412 (1/27/2017)
"Jason Birt gave me the confidence from start to finish. He knows his business very well. I might mention that this is the first mortgage I ever purchased on my own and I had my doubts in myself, but never in the staff at Paramount Equity. Jason Birt and other staff members were always there to help me move forward." -hesterprynne2001 (
"Jason went above and beyond in every capacity to ensure we would have a positive refinance experience. He followed up and made us feel like we were the most important client he had, knowing full well he deals with many clients on a daily basis. I would highly recommend (and have already) Jason as well as Paramount Equity to anyone wishing to get a new home or refinance. They are "Paramount" in their industry." -mmexicotte (1/19/2017 )
"WIlson is truly dependable, trusted, and explained and informed the details of the process efficiently. He knew what he was talking about and was reliable. If you happen to be a Veteran and looking for a loan, we highly recommend his service. Thank you Wilson!" -odessner (1/15/2017 )
" This is our second, first with Briant, refinancing. We are here to tell you doing business with Briant was easy, efficient, and professional. We received numerous calls from other lenders as a result of an internet inquiry we made on refinancing. When we received the call from Briant, we knew he was the one. There was so much compassion and sincerity in his voice that we knew doing business with Briant and his company was our best and only choice. From the very beginning, he assured us we had nothing to worry about because he would be with us from start to finish, and he was. He responded quickly to texts, emails, and phone calls. If our paperwork was in another division of his company, he would follow-up with that division to get us the answers we were seeking. We closed on time and no out of pocket money. We will definitely recommend Briant to family and friends. " -lunastella (1/13/2017)
"As first time home buyer's we were full of questions, doubts, and fears. Austin exemplified proficient professionalism in such a calm reassuring manner. He took the time to answer and explain all of our questions. He was always a phone call away even after work hours. He helped make our dreams a reality and closed on our property in a record 2 weeks. We are his clients for life and we highly recommend him. " -valiant7 (1/12/2017)
"He knows the details of all the steps in the refinance process--and kept us up-to-date on the status of our loan. Antonio is a PROBLEM SOLVER . . . he called us immediately when anything arose to slow or halt our loan process armed with solutions. Antonio is a TEAM PLAYER at Paramount Equity Mortgage. As the loan documents coursed their way through the process and into the hands of various associates, Antonio worked closely with his team members to coordinate and expedite the completion of our loan. " -user25545469 (1/6/2017)
"He explained everything and actually took the time to see what was the best way to refinance because we plan to sell our home in the future so he took all of that into consideration! I would definitely recommend Brian to anyone interested in refinancing!" -  Christina H. (1/3/2017)
"Lindsey was awesome. She was with us from start to finish, even available when she was on vacation and even through my anxiety fearful it was all going fall through. She definitely knows her job. She made what we had been told was impossible become possible. It was a long process, but we definitely got an outcome that we are blessed to have. She was a true blessing." - mdmjewell (12/30/2016)
"Our situation was a new one for us and we weren't sure what solutions were even available. Anthony answered the phone and it was a perfect experience from that moment on. Every question answered and every need fulfilled better than we could have asked for. I am genuinely looking forward to the opportunity to work with him again and would refer my dearest friends and relatives to Anthony with a happy heart! We even received our closing check just days before Christmas! Truly a pleasure in every regard!" -Robin S. (12/29/2016 )
“The process was good and Lymar was very efficient and she got a good deal and was glad that an escrow account was going to be, he seemed knowledgeable and was responsive.” - Sheron Cohen (4/15/2015)
“This letter relates to the outstanding service provided by your agents regarding a refinance I have been trying to accomplish for the past 18 months. My initial conversation with Lymar Cole set the stage for me to secure the services of your company. Lymar Cole and Amanda Bonilla worked as a team to provide a very professional experience during my refinance. Any and all questions I had were answered on the spot, which provided me a level of comfort as we progressed. Communications were open and honest throughout the process. It was a pleasure to have worked with Lymar and Amanda. I received great service from great people. I will recommend your company to anyone in need of mortgage services.”
— Robert and Garah Monnich (4/10/2015)
“Jorge is the bomb, has been referring him to everyone. He is the best, and is going to even refer his son. He is super. Has dealt with financing in the past but this was good. Every time he called he could reach him. This is his 3rd experience. He is johnny-on-the-spot."
— Bob DiPrimio (4/3/2015)
“Angel is really knowledgeable, really nice and upfront. She was really helpful and that was really good. She was the best one we worked with.”
— Lori Mobley (4/2/2015)
“Working with Chris Dennis was great! Chris was very good with communication and returned all of his calls. He was really great. Was able to accomplish what was needed with the loan. Already referred his son to Chris and his loan is due to close soon.”
— Christopher Dennis 3/18/2015)
“James was friendly to work with, answered all of his questions and everything was good. No problems, everything went really smooth.”
— Jose Gonzales (3/17/2015)
“James Cokinos had fantastic knowledge and answer all questions that Kim Alexander couldn't. Kim was wonderful and was a trooper working with them. The team was wonderful. Went through this tough process with us and we were able to work miracles. He saved their bacon at the last minute and they are very thankful”
— Mr. and Mrs. Peel (3/10/2015)
"Working with Lauren Kunis was excellent, fantastic, above and beyond, supportive, truthful, and responsive."
— Richard Obando (2/23/2015)
“Issa was so nice, couldn't meet another person nicer, and was able to help even though the value came in lower. Took a liking to him.  Went above and beyond. They both would recommend Issa because they liked him so much.”
—Hammond Family (5/12/15)
“Working with Nick Sasse was excellent, he was wonderful, he made it an effortless experience with no stress, made every date and deadline, there were not struggles, he was quite knowledgeable about what he was doing and he provided good information to help her make her decisions. It was a pleasant and informative experience. Biggest value was his word, it was true. On a scale of 1 to 5, would rate him a 6.”
—Boayue Family (5/15/15)

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